Successful people maintain an impeccable image religiously. The way people dress is mostly a quick indication of who they are. An outfit can reflect various factors about people, such as their current income level, ambition, the level of success, motivation and even interest. Most people are unaware of the fact that what they wear significantly and directly impacts their attitude and performance. Subsequently, if you are looking to apply to a job at the end of your distance learning or MSC IT correspondence course, you can be sure that dressing professionally can make all the difference in the world.


In August 2015, a paper in the Social Psychological and Personality Science conducted an experiment where subjects were asked to change into either casual or formal clothing before taking cognitive tests. The results showed that donning formal business attire greatly increased levels of abstract thinking, which is a vital aspect of long-term strategizing. The experiment suggests that wearing formal attire creates this effect, which is related to feeling powerful. (


Wearing formal attire can impact various personal and interpersonal aspects such as:


Boosting self-confidence


Dressing appropriately for a meeting produces feelings of positive self-awareness and confidence, which directly affects and boosts performance levels. Putting in the effort to dress well radiates an image of high self-worth, thereby boosting confidence and allowing employees to tackle challenging tasks with ease.


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Creating a good first impression


Visual aesthetics in the form of appropriate formal dressing plays a significant role in forming an opinion about a person. A good first impression can lead to strong interpersonal relationships in the future. Dressing with confidence also provides a person with the feeling of always being prepared.


Exhibiting authority


Dressing well attracts positive attention and inevitably has a good impact on a person’s mood. Portraying a confident demeanor starts with an innate sense of self-worth, which dressing well can procure. While formal business attire definitely helps exhibit authority, it also has a massive effect on productivity. Casual wear tends to invoke feelings of comfort and may negatively affect motivation at work. Dressing professionally, on the other hand, incites motivation and helps enhance productivity and overall performance.


Source – Pexels


Gaining a competitive edge


Dressing to impress definitely helps with providing a competitive edge over counterparts. Wearing formal attire not only shows initiative, but showcases attention to detail as well. Sharp and thoughtful dressing portrays values such as meticulousness and motivation. A sharp image and a formally appropriate appearance can lead to greater opportunities and higher levels of success.

Regardless of the educational background of a candidate; be it an MBA course, or a BCA distance learning course, he/she can portray professionalism by dressing impressively. Personal appearance has a significant effect on income opportunities as first impressions are crucial in the business world. It is important to dress not only for your current position, but for the position that you aspire to be in one day.



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