Women are hard-working and dedicated, no doubt about it. However, what we sometimes fail to see is that it can get highly stressful – working a full 8-hour job, managing the house, and maybe even working on their distance learning course assignment. Not only is it stressful, but also time-consuming and tiring. Hence, listed below are six work-life balance tips for working women to save them from all the stress of playing several roles in a single day.


  1. It’s okay to not be perfect all the time


Many women tend to look for perfection even in the smallest of tasks, whether it is at home or work. It causes immense stress to perfect these jobs. Sometimes it is okay for things to stay imperfect and maybe leave some jobs for the next day.


  1. Have some ‘me’ time


While planning your day, it is essential to devote at least an hour or two each day to do something you truly love. It could be anything as simple as watching TV, reading or playing a musical instrument.


  1. Meet loved ones


Whether you live alone or with your spouse, you should take some time off to meet your friends and family. Shutting yourself off from the world with work excuses will only raise your stress level.


  1. Let go of irrelevant tasks


A lot of times, women spend extra time and effort trying to do everything themselves. It would make a whole lot of difference in time and effort if small changes could be made. For example, new technology permits us to buy groceries online instead of having to go to the market. Small odd jobs at home can be handed over to the maid. Even taking up a distance education courseinstead of a full-time MBA helps save time and energy.


  1. Exercise


Many women are ignorant about the effects of exercise. It not only boosts your energy, but also helps with peace of mind. Which woman wouldn’t want that if she is looking for the perfect work-life balance?


  1. Do what you love


It is overwhelmingly difficult to stay in a place that makes you uncomfortable or unhappy. The more you are forced to do it, the more stress you will accumulate. Hence, choose jobs and tasks that you really enjoy doing. It will help ensure that only a little effort is needed towards maintaining a work-life balance.


Several working women rely on distance education to boost their academic qualifications and polish their existing skills. It takes effort and dedication to pursue education while continuing your work. The above-mentioned tips will help you create a healthy work-life balance as you aim to stay one step ahead of your peers.


Is there anything else you do to maintain that work-life balance? Share it with us, we would love to know!



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