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About MBA in Marketing Management


MBA in Marketing is one of the most preferred MBA specializations today. More and more Marketing Managers have risen to the top of organizational pyramids in the recent times. This has helped the course gain increasing popularity among the students and professionals alike. As increasing number of organizational structures get established around their robust Marketing teams, the demand for MBA Marketing is bound to grow further.


Marketing Management has been defined by Philip Kotler, author of over 60 books on Marketing, as ‘the analysis, planning, implementation and control of programs designed to bring about the desired exchanges with target audiences for the purpose of personal and mutual gain’.


SMU-DE MBA in Marketing Management Program is designed to share an in-depth understanding of the concepts of Marketing Management. It puts a sharp focus on the application of Marketing techniques in real-life cases and business scenarios. The Program is also structured to give the learner a holistic view of the entire process of Marketing — beginning from Consumer Behavior analysis and Marketing Research, to Sales Distribution and Supply Chain Management.


The MBA in Marketing syllabus offers a step-by-step understanding of several topics under the umbrella of Marketing Management. The first two semesters make the foundation of MBA, while the third and fourth semesters are dedicated to the MBA Marketing subjects. This makes sure that an entire year is provided to cover all the intricacies of the subjects, giving enough time to the learner to grasp them.


The third and fourth semester together carry a total of 32 credits, a break-down of which has been shared in the following section.


SMU-DE takes utmost care to keep the course design industry relevant and regularly updated with inputs from industry experts. This has made sure that subjects relevant to current market trends like E-Marketing and International Marketing find a place in its MBA Marketing syllabus. The learners get access to the course content, known as Self Learning Materials (SLM), in print as well as digital formats. While the printed SLM is received by the learners upon admission, the digital access is through EduNxtTM, an online learning platform.


Furthermore, the SMU-DE Learning App helps in studying on-the-go. It offers quick access to easy-to-understand videos, which help them grasp new concepts. With features like Summary Cards, Performance Tracker, Peer Quizzes, etc., the App reinvents as well as enhances regular learning practices. These features help the learners with revisions as well. The App keeps the learners in command of their phased progress, and makes sure that they are exam-ready throughout the duration of the course.


Scope of MBA in Marketing Management


Marketing Management is a business discipline that helps manage a firm’s marketing resources and activities. Marketing Managers are accountable for influencing the level, timing, and composition of customer demand. Psychological as well as physical factors affect the marketing activities and processes. The former focuses on discovering the needs and wants of the consumer, and the changing patterns of buying behavior, the usage habit, and so on. The latter focuses on fulfilling those needs and demands with better product design, improved channel of distribution and other functional streamlining.


SMU-DE Marketing Management MBA is designed to help learners understand all the aforementioned marketing-related challenges in the industry, both psychological as well as physical. Learners get a clear understanding of how a firm decides what to sell, what kind of customers and markets to target, and the best means of reaching them.


An MBA in Marketing Management from SMU-DE helps learners create strategies for product development, pricing, promotion, and distribution. It equips them in responding better to the demands of business competitors, the government, and larger social issues.


Career Opportunities


A Masters in Marketing Management from SMU-DE has helped learners get placed in some of the renowned MNCs in the country. Career opportunities open up for post graduates of MBA in Marketing for highly responsible positions like Marketing Managers, Product Managers, Sales & Marketing Heads, Director – Marketing and so on. Upon the successful completion of SMU-DE MBA in Marketing Management, learners will be prepared for broad and promising career options like:

  • Advertising and Promotion Management
  • Business-to-Business Marketing
  • Consulting
  • Family Business Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Marketing Research
  • New Product Development
  • Product and Brand Management
  • Retailing and Wholesaling
  • Sales Management