SMU-DE has created a powerful model for teaching and learning to provide distance education to thousands of students across the country, pursuing graduate and postgraduate programs across several disciplines.

This distance learning experience comes with flexibility and convenience from the student’s perspective with academic rigour. We call this learning experience “The SMU-DE Way”.

The SMU-DE Way is learner centric and puts the student at the core of an experience that combines four distinct learning delivery systems:

  • Self-learning: High-quality self-learning material made available to the student in printed books and in a digital format made available online.
  • Academic Counselling: Face-to-Face instruction to cater to students immediate doubts and problems if any.
  • EduNxt: Manipal Global Education Services has launched the next generation learning system - EduNxt - a new technology infused Learning System that will transform distributed learning in India. Affordable and easy to use, EduNxt enables a collaborative and interactive environment for learning and includes small group mentoring, virtual classrooms, simulation and other interactive content, self-study content, recorded presentations and shared browsing. This innovation from Manipal Education thus shifts the education paradigm from ‘faculty-centric’ to ‘learner-centric’. EduNxt empowers students with anywhere, anytime access. Students will now experience a ‘portable campus’, ‘carry along mentors’ and will have access to over one million online books and journals – all at their fingertips.
  • Our help lines to cater to any queries or doubts from the students at any time.

Self-Learning Material

Program material is specially designed by a team of experts drawn from different industries, the university and in-house faculty. The program curriculum is designed in collaboration with experts to meet market demands. Every student is provided scientifically-printed study material designed for independent study for both theory and practical papers.


Self-learning material is also available to students in a digital format made available online so that they can log in anytime and from anywhere without much hassle. Students will be issued the material pertaining to their programme along with their program guide.


Academic Counselling Sessions


University provide students with a platform to interact with counsellors and peers. Students receive personal attention and support at these sessions, including hands-on training.


The University also provide counselling and hands-on experience for each program (each semester) as indicated in the respective course headings.


Internal Assessments


Assignments are given to students at a regular basis for continuous assessment and feedback.




Industry-related project work that involves the student to work in an industry of his/her choice to gain relevant work experience in his/her field of interest.


EduNxt Learning


EduNxt is the next-generation interactive learning system designed to change the way a student learns. Convenient and easy to use, EduNxt enables a collaborative and interactive environment for learning, and includes small group mentoring, creates a virtual classroom environment through simulation and interactive content, self-study content, recorded presentations and shared browsing.
Some of the benefits of EduNxt are:

  • Creates classroom environment
  • Access to rich educational resources across the Manipal institutions
  • The only platform that enables job placement and soft-skills training
  • Committed to improving the quality of professional education though distance mode, leading to higher acceptance among employers
  • EduNxt supports all courses offered by SMU-DE.



  • Internal Assessment: The Internal Assessment (IA) includes marks for the assignments, practical examinations and the final semester projects & viva voce unless otherwise specified. The students have to complete their IA requirements as per the norms prescribed for the purpose and upload the same from using EduNxt on or before the due date(s).
  • In all the following cases, the IA marks will be considered as disproportionate or arbitrary:
  • Same or equal IA marks to all students for a given paper
  • IA marks which are equal to the maximum marks
  • IA marks more than the maximum marks
  • Wide variation between IA marks and university Examination (UE) marks in a particular paper. The variation between the IA Marks and the UE Marks should not be more than 30%.
  • The university reserves the right to reassess or moderate the IA marks in such cases.

Project Evaluation

  • The project/ practical examinations is conducted by university approved examiners and schedule.
  • The evaluation of practical examinations as well as the final semester project/ internship is part of the university examination.
  • Examinations are conducted by the identified locations as per the rules and guidelines issued in this regard by the university and evaluated by the external examiners appointed by the university.

Admissions Evaluation: Semester End Examination

  • The semester-end university examinations for various programs is generally of Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) type (unless otherwise specified).
  • It is held in January and July for Indian students, and March and September for international students every year.
  • Students can appear in the examinations either for specific subjects or for whole programs provided that the minimum period of study prescribed for the relevant program has not elapsed.


Admissions Evaluation: Award of Degree

  • Provisional pass certificate and consolidated marks card of students who have completed the program will be  issued within 2 months of the announcement of results.
  • The students are awarded the degree after successfully passing all the papers of the program.
  • The student degree certificates are issued within 6 months.
  • Students completing the course from January 2008 onwards will be issued certificates (PPC/ CMC and degree certificates) as per scheduled timelines without applying for certificates (AUTO ISSUE).