Visual Merchandising Syllabus

Course Code: BBR504

Course Title: Visual Merchandising (2 Credits) 




Course Contents


Unit 1: Introduction to Visual Merchandising (VM): Introduction, Objectives, Concept of Visual Merchandising, Objectives of Visual Merchandising, Growth of Visual Merchandising, Visual Merchandising in India, Scope of visual merchandising in India, Visual Merchandising as a Support for Positioning Strategy, Prospects of Visual Merchandising, Challenges in Visual Merchandising, The common challenges, Ways to overcome the visual merchandising challenges


Unit 2: The Merchandise Mix: Introduction, Objectives, Concept of Merchandise Mix, Merchandise line, The Assortment of Products, Assortment strategy, Merchandise Mix of Show Off, Role of a merchandiser, Other Atmospherics in Merchandising, Colour scheme, Lighting


Unit 3: Store Management in Merchandising: Introduction, Objectives, Types of Stores, Location of a Store, Types of retail locations, Planning a Store Layout, Various Types of Store Layouts, Grid layout, Forced-path layout, Free-form layout, Boutique layout, Combined layout, Store Space Allocation, Heads of space allocation in a store, Managing Customer Navigation in a Store, General Rules of Customer Traffic in a Store, The Loop for Guiding the Shoppers through a Store


Unit 4: Store Design and Display: Introduction, Objectives, Concept of Store Design and Display, Objectives of store design, Purpose and importance of display, Rules of display planning, Display Settings, Store Design, Exterior of a store, Interior of a store, Window displays, Merchandise Presentation Strategies, Colour blocking, Other techniques of merchandise placement, Physical materials used to support the display, Components of display, Some Useful Display Fixtures, Shelves, Gondolas, Round racks, Four ways, Saccades and fixation, Replenishes, Planogramming


Unit 5: Store Image & Security: Introduction, Objectives, Concept of Image Mix, Elements of Image Mix, Merchandise, Fixtures, Sound/Music, Odour, Visuals, Employees, Elements that Levy Negative Impact on Shoppers, Change of Image, Security Issues


Unit 6:Managing Communication for a Retail Store Offering: Introduction, Objectives, Marketing Communication, Thematic Communication, Methods of Communication, Graphics, Signage


Unit 7: The Present and Future of Visual Merchandising: Introduction, Objectives, Visual Merchandising at Different Stores, Apparel store, Furniture store, Gift store, Future Prospects of Visual Merchandising


Unit 8: Non-Store Merchandising: Introduction, Objectives, Non-Store Retail Merchandising, Television retailing/home shopping, Internet retailing/online shopping, Catalogue Management, Product Presentation in Non-Store Retail Merchandising