Fundamentals Of It and Programming

Course Code: BCA111

Course Title: Fundamentals of IT & programming (2 Credits)




Course Contents


Unit – 1 Introduction to computers: What are computers? The evolution of computers, Classification of computers, characteristics of computers, Block Diagram: Input-output devices, Description of Computer Input Units, Other Input Methods, and Computer Output Units.


Unit – 2 Computer Generation & Classifications: First Generation of Computers, the Second Generation, The Generation, The fourth Generation, The Fifth Generation, Classification of Computers Distributed Computer System, Parallel Computers.


Unit – 3 Computer Memory: Memory Types- Primary Memory, Secondary Memory, Memory Cel, Memory Organization, Read Only Memory, Serial Access Memory, Physical Devices Used to construct Memories, Magnetic Hard disk, floppy Disk Drives, Compact Disk Read Only Memory, Magnetic Tape Drives.


Unit – 4 Introduction to computer software: Instruction, program, software, Low level and high level languages, assemblers, compilers, interpreters, linkers, compilation process, algorithms, flow charting, decision tables, I/O, Conditional and Looping Statements, Procedures and Functions, Recursions, pseudo code.


Unit – 5 System & application software packages; Software Development - Analysis and Design, Coding, Implementation, Testing etc; Software Paradigms - Structured Programming, Object Oriented Programming.


Unit – 6 Operating System concepts- Basic Functions, Types of OS different types of operating systems, structure of operating system, DOS/UNIX/LINUX commands, working with Windows, Windows 9x/NT/XP, Data Processing, File Systems and Database Management Systems, different types of Database Management System. 


Unit – 7 Communication system concepts: Basic elements of a communication system, Data transmission modes, Data Transmission speed, Data transmission media, Digital and Analog Transmission, Network topologies, Network Types (LAN, WAN and MAN), OSI & TCP/IP Model, Internet: Network, Client and Servers, Host & Terminals, TCP/IP, World Wide Web, Hypertext, Uniform Resource Locator, Web technologies, IP Address, Domain Name, Internet Services Providers, Internet Security.


Unit – 8 Application of IT: Case study on use of IT for integration of business process of a company for better utilization and efficiency, customer retention, supply chain management,   E Commerce, electronic governance, Multimedia, Entertainment.