Open Source Elective

Course Code: BCA6112

Course Title: Open Source Systems (4 Credits)




Course Contents


Unit 1 Software Development Using Open Source Systems: Introduction, Objectives, Overview of Open Source System, Open source tools, Open source components, Open source methodology, Open Source Software Development Models, The FOSS Philosophy, Social and Cultural Impacts


Unit 2 Licensing: Licensing, Types of licensing, Intellectual Proprietary Right, Commercial License versus Open Source License


Unit 3 Open Source Licensing: Contract, and Copyright Law -Basic Principles of Copyright Law, Contract and Copyright, Open Source Software Licensing, Types of OSS licenses, OSS licensing strategies, Issues with Copyrights and Patents, Warranties


Unit 4 The MIT, BSD, Apache Licenses: The MIT (or X) License, The BSD License, The Apache License, Versions of Apache License


Unit 5 Academic Free Licenses: Introduction, Overview of Academic Free Licenses, Provisions under Academic Free License (v2.0), Applications of AFL, Philosophy of Open Source License


Unit 6 The GPL, LGPL, and Mozilla Licenses: The GNU General Public License,Conditions for distributions of the licensed work, The GNU Library General Public License, Conditions for distributions of the licensed work, The Mozilla Public License, Features of the MPL. Source code license, Distribution obligations, Applications and Comparisons of GPL, LGPL and MPL


Unit 7 QT, Artistic and Creative Commons Licenses: QT- Overview, The Q Public License, Granted rights and limitations of liability, Incompatibility with GNU GPL, Artistic License (Perl),   Granted rights, Creative Commons Licenses, Provisions of creative commons licenses, Types of creative commons license

Unit 8 Non-stop Source Licenses: Overview of Non-Open Source Licenses, Classic Proprietary License, Provisions under Classic Proprietary License, Sun Community Source License, Research use rights, Restrictions and community responsibilities, Governance, Commercial use supplement, Microsoft Shared Source Initiative


Unit 9 Open Source Development: Infrastructure Needed for an Open-Source Project, Public code archive, Project documentation,  Bug database,  Open mailing lists and newsgroup, Project website, Software Development Life Cycle, Building a Community


Unit 10 Open Source Development 2: Joining an Existing Open Source Project, To become a good community member, To adopt development process of OSS, Get the contributions accepted, Ending an Open-Source Project, Open Source Within a Company


Unit 11 Legal Impacts of Open Software and Free Software Licensing-1: Introduction, Entering Contracts, Statutory Development Related to Software Contracts, Self-Enforcing Nature of Open Source and Free Software Licenses


Unit 12 Legal Impacts of Open Source and Free Software Licensing-2: Structure- Introduction, The Global Scope of Open Source and Free Software Licensing, Major developments related to open source moment,  Open source the Indian scenario, Negative Effects of Open Source and Free Software Licensing, Chain-of-title problem,  Code contamination penalty, Intellectual property liability, Enforcement of license


Unit 13 Legal Impacts of Open Source and Free Software Licensing-3-: Introduction, Community Enforcement of Open Source and Free Software Licenses, Compatible and Incompatible Licensing, 13.3.1 Multiple and cross licensing


Unit 14 Software Development Using Open Source and Free Software Licenses: Introduction, Models of Open Source and Free Software Development, Forking, Choosing an Open Source or Free Software License, Drafting Open Source Licenses