Fundamentals Of Soft Skill Personality Development Syllabus

Course Code: BCA315

Course Title: Soft Skills (4 Credits)






Unit 1: Personality: Personality – An Explanation; Categories of Personality; Importance of Self Image; How to Identify the Personality Type; Factors Affecting Personality Development; The Role of These Factors in Contributing to Personality Development

Unit 2: A Stitch in Time Saves Nine: Concept and applications of time management; Recognizing the Importance of Time; Causes for Wastage of Time; Methods for Managing Time Efficiently

Unit 3: Leadership: Leadership – Explanation; Role & Functions of a Good Leader; Criticality of Team Leadership; Traits of Leadership; Leadership styles

Unit 4: Interpersonal Behavior: Understand Self – Different Categories; Diagnosis of Type of Self Identifying own type of self; Effect of Interpersonal Behaviour of Interpersonal Relationship; Transactional Analysis – An explanation; Open Self Personality – How do we develop it?