Visual Programming – Syllabus

Course Code: BCA512

Course Title: Visual Programing (4 Credits)




Course Contents


UNIT 1: Introduction to VB.NET: Event Driven Programming, NET as better Programming Platform, NET Framework, NET Architecture, The Just-In-Time Compiler, NET Framework class library


UNIT 2: VB.NET Development Environment: Creating Applications, Building Projects, Using simple components, Running VB.NET applications


UNIT 3: Mastering VB Language: Data, Operators, Conditionals and Loops, Procedures, Error Handling, Classes and Objects.


UNIT 4: Windows Applications in VB .NET: Windows Forms, Text Boxes, Buttons, Labels, Check Boxes, and Radio Buttons, List Boxes, Combo Boxes, Picture Boxes, Scrollbars, Splitters, Timer Menus, Built-in Dialogs, Image List, Tree Views, List Views, Toolbars, Status Bar and Progress bars.


UNIT 5: Object Oriented Programming in VB .NET: Class and Object, Properties, methods, Constructors and Destructors, Method overloading, Inheritance, Access modifiers Overloading and Overriding, Interfaces, Polymorphism.


UNIT 6: Attributes, Delegates and events: Introduction to Attributes, Creating Custom Attributes, Events in VB.NET, Events and Event handler, Adding Events to a class, Writing Event handlers, AddHandler and RemoveHandler, Delegates, Multicast delegates


UNIT 7: File handling: File handling using FileStream, StreamWriter, StreamReader, BinaryReader, BinaryWriter classes, File and Directory Classes.


UNIT 8: Databases in VB .NET: Database : Connections, Data adapters, and datasets, Data Reader, Connection to database with server explorer, Multiple Table Connection, Data binding with controls like Text Boxes, List Boxes, Data grid etc., Navigating data source, Data Grid View, Data form wizard, Data validation, Connection Objects, Command Objects, Data Adapters, Dataset Class


UNIT 9: Data Access with ADO.NET:  Record Navigation, Add, Update and Delete Records, Updating record, Adding new record, Deleting a record, SQL Server and ADO .NET, Data Binding, Data binding with TextBox, Data binding with Data grid


UNIT 10: Exception Handling in VB.NET: Introduction to Error Handling in VB6, Exceptions in .NET, Structured-Exception-Handling Keywords, Throwing a New Exception, The Exit Try Statement, Using Exception Properties, Source and StackTrace, GetBaseException, HelpLink


UNIT 11: XML in VB .NET: Open and Read XML file in VB.NET, create XML file using dataset, Hot to search and filter in XML file, create excel file from XML, Serialization in XML.


UNIT 12: Tersus Platform: Introduction, Features, Tersus platform- Tersus studio, Tersus Model libraries, Tersus Server, Overview – Modeling a basic display, Modeling the logic behind the screen.


UNIT 13: Data Access: Table display, Requisition, action models to define a process, subprocess, display data element, Reuse the action process.


UNIT 14: Application for mobile devices: App Inventor for Android, Introduction, features, components to enable Android functions, location aware applications, OpenBlocks framework.