BBA - Business Environment
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BBA Course Details - Business environment

Course Code: BBA103

Course Title: Business Environment (4 Credits)



Course Contents





Business Environment: An Introduction-Introduction, Concept of  Business, Levels of the Business Environment, Understanding the Environment


Economic Environment: Introduction, Economic Environment of Business, The Global Economic Environment, Economic Policies, Business and Economic Policies


Socio Cultural  Environment  : Introduction,           Business and Society, Business and Culture , Indian Business Culture, Culture and Organizational Behavior


Political Environment: Introduction, Political Environment and the Economic system, Types of Political Systems, Indian Constitution and Business, Changing Profile of Indian Economy ,   Business Risks Posed by the Indian Political System


Economic Systems: Introduction, Capitalist Economy, Socialist Economy, Mixed Economy


Financial Environment: Introduction, An Overview of the Financial System, Components of Financial System, Financial Institutions and their Roles, Financial Institutions in India,    Role of Foreign Direct Investment


Legal Environment: Introduction, Legal Environment, Laws Impacting Industry in India, Intellectual Property Rights, Major Regulations Pertaining to Business


Economic Role of Government: Introduction, Regulatory Role of Government, Promotional Role of Government, Participatory Role of Government, Conciliatory and Judicial Role of Government ,     Impact of India’s Industrial Policy on Economic Reforms


New Economic Policy : Introduction, Industrial Policy,       The crisis of June, 1991, Objectives of New Economic Policy – 1991, Emphasis  of NEP on Liberalization, NEP and Privatization, NEP effect on Globalization, Positive and Negative effects of New Economic Policy


Privatization: Introduction, Meaning of Privatization,  Objectives of Disinvestment, Privatization / Disinvestment in India, Problems with Privatization


Globalization: Introduction, Meaning of Globalization,       Future of Globalization, Organisations to facilitate globalization


India, WTO and Trading Blocs: Introduction, Levels of Economic Integration/Trading Blocs, Effects of Economic Integration, Major Regional Trading Blocs, Commodity Agreement, World Trade Organization, WTO and India


Corporate Social Responsibility: Introduction, Meaning and Definition, Need for social responsibility of business, Social responsibility of business towards different groups, Barriers to social responsibility, Social responsibility of business in India


Public, Private, Joint and Cooperative Sectors: Introduction, Public sectors, Organization of public sector enterprises,      Private Sector, Joint sectors,  Formation of Joint sector enterprise,        Cooperative sectors


Indian Economy: Introduction,         India as a Developing Economy, India as an Emerging Economy, India as a Mixed Economy