BBA - Legal and Regulatory Framework Syllabus

Legal and regulatory framework syllabus

Course Code: BBA301 Course Title: Legal and Regulatory Framework (4 Credits) 


Course Contents




Introduction: Introduction, Meaning and Scope of Business Law, Sources of Law, Laws applicable to Business


Indian Contract Act, 1872: Introduction, Definition and Meaning of Contract, Essentials of a Contract, Types of Contracts, Capacity of Parties, Modes of Discharge of a Contract, Remedies for Breach of Contract


Law of Agency: Introduction, Agent and Agency,    Kinds of Agencies, Creation of Agency, Principal and Agent , Termination of Agency


Sale of Goods Act, 1930: Introduction, Contact of Sale of Goods, Essentials of a Contract of Sale, Price, Agreement to sell at valuation, Rights and Duties of Buyer, Right of Unpaid Seller, Conditions and Warranties, Transfer of Property, Performance of Contract


Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881: Introduction , Definition and Meaning of  Negotiable Instrument, Promissory Note, Bill of Exchange , Cheque, Parties to Negotiable Instruments, Maturity of Negotiable Instrument, Negotiation , Dishonor of a Negotiable Instrument, Notice of dishonor, discharge of a Negotiable Instrument


Partnership Act, 1932: Introduction, Nature of the Partnership, Features of Partnership, Qualities of a Partnership, Advantages, Limitations, Kinds of Partners, Partnership Deed,       Registration of a Partnership, Effects of registration , Effects of non – registration,       Rights and Duties of Partners, Dissolution of Partnership


Companies Act, 1956: Introduction, Definition and Characteristics, Classification of Companies, Incorporation of a Company, Share Capital, Company management, Meetings, Resolution


Consumer Protection Act [COPRA], 1986: Introduction, Background, Definitions, Consumer Protection Council, Central Consumer Protection Council, Consumer Redressal Agencies, Administrative Control of National Commission


Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999: Difference between FERA and FEMA, Scope of FEMA,         Salient Features and Provisions of FEMA, Offences under FEMA


Competition Act, 2002: Meaning and Scope of Competition Act, Salient Features of Competition Act, Offences and Penalties under the Act


Environment Protection Act, 1986: Background,     Definitions, Environment, Environmental pollutant, Occupier,   Power of Central Government


Intellectual Property Rights: Meaning and Scope of Patent Act and Amendments of WTO Agreements, Rights of Patentee , Infringement , Remedies, Trademarks, Copyright


Information Technology Act, 2000: Background,    Salient Features, Digital Signature, Electronic Governance, Regulation of Certifying Authorities, Cyber Laws, Penalties for Offences


Micro Small And Medium Enterprises Development Act, 2006: Classification of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Salient Features of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Act, Reservation Policy, Credit Policy, Government Policy towards Taxation and Incentives


Labour Laws in India: Overview of Labour Laws, Minimum Wages Act, 1948, Payment of Wages Act, 1936, Workmen Compensations Act, 1923, Factories Act, 1948, Trade Union Act, 1926, Industrial Dispute Act, 1947