BBA - Retail Management Syllabus

Retail Management - BBA Course Syllabus

Course Code: BBA405

Course Title: Retail Management  (2 Credits)


Course Contents




Introduction to Retailing: Concept of retailing, Functions  of retailing, Terms & Definition, Retail formats and types, Retailing Channels, Retail Industry in India, Importance of retailing, Changing trends in retailing.


Understanding the Retail Consumer: Retail consumer behavior, Factors influencing the Retail consumer, Customer decision making process, Types of decision making, Market research for understanding retail consume


Retail Market Segmentation and Strategies: Market Segmentation and its benefits, Kinds of markets, Definition of Retail strategy, Strategy for effective market segmentation, Strategies for penetration of new markets, Growth strategies, Retail value chain.


Retail Location Selection: Importance of Retail locations, Types of retail locations, Factors determining the location decision, Steps involved in choosing a retail locations, Measurement of success of location


Merchandise Management: Meaning of Merchandising, Factors influencing Merchandising, Functions of Merchandising Manager, Merchandise planning, Merchandise buying, Analysing Merchandise performance


Retail Operations and Retail Pricing: Store administration, Premises management, Inventory Management, Store Management, Receipt Management, Customer service, Retail Pricing, Factors influencing retail prices

Pricing strategies, Controlling costs


Retail Space  Management and Marketing: Definition of Space Management, Store layout and Design, Visual Merchandising, Promotions Strategy, Relationship Marketing Strategies, CRM, Retail Marketing Mix, Retail Communication Mix, POP Displays


Emerging trends in retailing: Changing nature of retailing, Organized retailing, Modern retail formats, E-tailing, Challenges faced by the retail sector