MBA - Software Engineering


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MBA - Software Engineering SYLLABUS

Course Code: MI0033

Course Title: Software Engineering (4 Credits)



Course Contents

Unit 1

The Process and the Product: Introduction, Overview of Software and Software Engineering-Characteristics-The Process, the Product, Product Line Engineering

Unit 2

Project Management Concepts, Process and Project Metrics: Introduction, Project Management Process, Project Metrics, Software Quality Metrics

Unit 3

Software Project Planning, Scheduling, Tracking and Risk Management Structure: Introduction, Software Project Planning, Software Project Estimation, Software Project Scheduling, Software Project Tracking and Control, Software Risk Management

Unit 4

Software Reliability: Introduction, Software Reliability Metrics, Programming for Reliability, Software Reuse

Unit 5

Software Configuration Management: Introduction, Software Configuration Management (SCM), Software Configuration Management (SCM) Process, Version Control, Change Control,              Configuration Audit

Unit 6

System Engineering: Introduction, Computer System, Computer Systems Engineering, System Analysis, System Architecture,   System Specification

Unit 7

Analysis Concepts and Principles: Introduction, Requirement Analysis, Communication, Analysis Principles, Software Prototyping, Software Requirement Specification

Unit 8

Design Concepts and Principles:  Introduction, Software Design, Design Process, Design Fundamentals, Modular Design, Data Design, Architectural Design, Procedural Design, Design Documentation

Unit 9

Software Testing Techniques and Technical Metrics: Introduction, Software Testing Fundamentals, White Box Testing, Control Structure Testing, Black Box Testing, Testing Real Time System, Automated Testing Tools


Unit 10

Software Testing Strategies: Introduction, A Strategic Approach to Software Testing, Strategic Issues, Unit Testing, Integration Testing, Validation Testing, System Testing, the Art of Debugging

Unit 11

Software Verification: Introduction, Code Reading, Static Analysis, Symbolic Execution, Proving Correctness, Code Inspection or Reviews, Unit 12-CMM for Software: Introduction, Five Maturity Levels, Key Process Areas, ISO 9000 Series of Standards for Quality Management Systems, Mapping ISO 9001 to the CMM

Unit 12

CMM for Software: Introduction, Five Maturity Levels, Key Process Areas, ISO 9000 Series of Standards for Quality Management Systems, Mapping ISO 9001 to the CMM

Unit 13


CMM Based Process Improvement: Introduction, Management Role, Process Focus, Useful Processes, Training, Risk Management, Customer-Supplier Relationship, Peer Reviews

Unit 14

Software Quality Assurance: Introduction, Software Quality Assurance, Quality Concepts, Quality Movement, Reviews, Software Reliability, Background Issues, Software Quality Assurance Activities, SQA Plan

Unit 15

Object Oriented Concepts and Principles: Introduction, Overview of Object Oriented Concepts and Principles, Identifying Objects, Inter-Object Communication, Defining Objects, OOA and Prototyping, Object Oriented Analysis Modelling