Treasury Management syllabus

Course Code: MF0016

Course Title: Treasury Management  (4 Credits)



Course Contents


Unit 1

Introduction to Corporate Treasury Management - Overview of Corporate Treasury Management, need and benefits, functions and Treasury exposures. Organisation structure of treasury.


Unit 2

Financial Markets: The Money Market - money market, types of financial markets (the other is capital market). Money market instruments and regulation of the market.


Unit 3

Financial Markets – Capital Market - type of financial markets viz. capital market. Stock market (both equity and preference) and debt market. Regulation of capital market, commodity markets.


Unit 4

Treasury Products - Treasury products for foreign exchange (forex) markets and forex derivatives. Commodity market instruments


Unit 5

RBI and the Foreign Exchange Market - Crucial role of our country’s central bank i.e. Reserve Bank of India (RBI) in forex management. Development of forex market in India is delineated, capital account convertibility, and Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) is introduced


Unit 6

Liquidity Planning and Managing Cash Assets - Introduction of treasury management – liquidity –planning and control of liquidity CMS or cash management systems (both domestic and international), role of working capital management in liquidity


Unit 7

Business Risk Management - Business risks, Measurement of business risks and mitigation by effective treasury management.


Unit 8

Corporate Liquidity Risk Management - Type of risk – liquidity risk – origin of liquidity risk, tactics for mitigating the risk.


Unit 9

Interest Rate Risk Management- Treasury risk, interest rate risk, traditional and modern theories of interest rate, management strategies and the role of financial intermediaries.


Unit 10

Financial Risk - Financial risks of a business , types of financial risks and its dimensions, strategies of corporate financial risks, Enterprise Risk Management (ERM).


Unit 11

Foreign Exchange Risk Management - risk of forex fluctuations, impacts  of  global milieu, Types of fore risks, strategies for managing the risk, comprising policies, procedures and controls.


Unit 12

Working Capital ManagementIntroduction, need for working capital, cash cycle, management strategies for working capital, perspective of the Treasury function.


Unit 13

Treasury Risk Management - Treasury risks,  function the market risks  role of asset-liability management


Unit 14

Integrated Treasury Introduction, responsibilities of Treasury. Accounting risks associated with financial reporting and disclosure of treasury exposures in the balance sheet.