Change Management syllabus

Course Code: MU0018

Course Title: Change Management (4 Credits)



Course Contents


Unit 1

Organisational Change Management: Understanding Organizational Transformation, Transformation Strategies, Process of Organizational Transformation, Nature of Organizational Change, Perspectives of Organizational Change.


Unit 2

Models of Organizational Change: Process-based Change Models, Content-based Change Models, Individual Change Models, Integration of Change Models


Unit 3

Communicating Change: Need for Communicating Change, Factors Involved in Communicating Change, Methods and Techniques for Communicating Change, Role of Top Management in Communicating Change


Unit 4

Process of Change Management: Change Management Process, Phases of the Change Management Process, Change Management Process Control


Unit 5

Resistance to Change: Concept of Resistance to Change, Forms of Resistance, Reactions to Change, Resistance to Organizational Change Initiatives, Overcoming the Resistance to Change, Techniques to Overcome Resistance


Unit 6

Implementing Change: Implementation of Change, the Delta Technique, Developing an Implementation Plan, Gaining Support and Involvement of Key People, Developing Enabling Organizational Structures, Celebrating Milestones


Unit 7

Strategies for Implementing Change: Introduction, Types of Change Management Strategies, Factors Affecting the Choice of a Change Strategy, Formulating and Facilitating Change, Facilitating Change, Implementing Change


Unit 8

Leading Changes: Visionary Leadership, Leadership Framework, Creating Shared Vision, Role of Leaders in the Phases of Organizational Change


Unit 9

Maintaining Organizational Effectiveness: Meaning of Organizational Effectiveness, Difference between Effectiveness and Efficiency, Approaches to Organizational Effectiveness, Perspectives of Organizational Effectiveness, Factors in Achieving Organizational Effectiveness


Unit 10

Evaluating Organizational Change: Concept of Monitoring and Evaluation, Measurement and Methods of Evaluation, Feedback Process, Continuous Incremental Change


Unit 11

Change Agents: Meaning and Concept of Change Agents, Types of Change Agents, Role and Competencies of a Change Agent, Change Agent Styles, Areas that Change Agents can Change


Unit 12

Culture and Change: Introduction, Concept of Organizational Culture Dimensions of Culture, Type of Culture, Assessing Organizational Culture, Role of Culture in Managing Change


Unit 13

Individual Change: Need for Individual Change, Personality and Change, Learning and Individual Change, Approaches to Individual Change, Implications of Change in Individuals


Unit 14

Organizational Learning and Learning Organization: Concept of Organizational Learning, Process of Organizational Learning, Types of Organizational Learning, Disciplines Practiced in Organizational Learning, Concept of Learning Organizations, Individual Skill Sets in Learning Organizations