HR Audit Syllabus

Course Code: MU0013

Course Title: HR Audit (4 Credits)



Course Contents


Unit 1

Human Resource Management Practices: Introduction, Human Resources Concept, Human Resource Planning, Recruitment and Staffing, Training and Development, Performance Appraisal, Human Resource Audit


Unit 2

Human Resource Development Audit: Introduction, Components of Human Resource Development Audit, Human Resource Development Strategies and Human Resource Development Systems, Human Resource Development Structure, Culture and Competencies, Conceptualizing of Human Resource Audit, What you need to know before conducting Human Resource Audit


Unit 3

Conceptual Understanding of Human Resource Audit: Introduction, what is Human Resource Audit? Need for Human Resource Audit, Identifying the Human Resource Audit Goal, Defining the Audit Team, Approaches to Human Resource Audit, and Benefits of Human Resource Audit


Unit 4

HR Audit Methodology and Issues: Introduction, Conducting a Human Resource Audit, Preliminary Steps, Goals of the Audit, Areas of the Audit, Issues in HR Audit


Unit 5

Human Resources Audit Structure: Introduction, Recruiting, Staffing, Employee Orientation Programmes, Employee and Supervisory Training, Benefit Administration


Unit 6

HR Audit and Workforce Issues: Introduction, Workforce Communication and Employee Relations, Performance Management, Compensation System, Teambuilding System


Unit 7

Areas for HR Audit: Introduction, Audit of HR Planning , Audit of HR Development, Audit of Training, Audit of Industrial Relations, Audit of Managerial Compliance , Audit of HR Climate , Audit of Corporate Strategies


Unit 8

The HR Audit Process: Introduction, Audit of Human Resource Function, Planning Questions, Collecting Data, Analyzing the Audit Data, Interpretation: Assessing the Ability for Change, Post Audit Steps


Unit 9

Audit and HR Scorecard: Introduction, How to Approach a Human Resource Scorecard, Understanding the Reason for Implementing the Human Resource Scorecard, Understanding Business Context of Human Resource, Maintaining Human Resource Scorecard Framework, Measuring Human Resource Effectiveness – Human Resource Scorecard Design, Balanced Scorecard


Unit 10

Audit and Competency Management: Introduction, Competency Management – Introduction, Competency Management Framework, Design and implementation, Competency Mapping, Integration of Competency Based HR systems


Unit 11

The HR Audit for Legal Compliance and Safe Business Practices: Introduction, what does the Human Resource Audit Cover? Pre-employment Requirements, Hiring Process, New-hire Orientation Process, Workplace Policies and Practices


Unit 12

HR Audit as Intervention: Introduction, Effectiveness of Human Resource Development Audit as an Intervention, Human Resource Audit and Business Linkages


Unit 13

Human Resource Auditing as a Tool of Human Resource Valuation: Introduction, Rationale of Human Resource Valuation and Auditing, Valuation of Human Resources, Issues in Human Capital Measurement and Reporting


Unit 14

HRD AuditThe Indian Experience and case studies: Introduction, Prevalence of HR Audit, HR Audit Case-Manufacturing Industry, HR Audit Case-Service Industry


Unit 15

HR Audit Questionnaire: Introduction, Areas to be Concentrated, A Comprehensive Coverage of the Entire Human Resource Practices, A Sample Internal Human Resource Audit Questionnaire