Talent Management syllabus

Course Code: MU0017

Course Title: Talent Management (4 Credits)




Course Contents


Unit 1

Introduction to Talent Management: Introduction, Talent Management – Overview, Talent Management – History, the Scope of Talent Management, Need of Talent Management, Key Processes of Talent Management, Talent vs knowledge people, Source of Talent Management, Consequences of Failure in Managing Talent, Tools for Managing Talent


Unit 2

Building Blocks for Talent Management: Introduction, Effective Talent Management System, Building Blocks of Effective Talent Management System


Unit 3

Talent Management System: Introduction, Talent Management System, Critical Success Factors to Create Talent Management System, Some other critical success factors of best practice Talent Management System, Factors of unique talent management approach, Key Elements of Talent Management System


Unit 4

Life Cycle of Talent Management: Introduction, Linkage between Talent Management Process and Workforce, Importance of Talent Management Process, Important Steps to Assess Talent Management Process, Stages of Talent Management, Essentials of Talent Management Process


Unit 5

Approaches to Talent Management: Talent Management Approaches, Developing a Talent Management Strategy, Mapping Business Strategies and Talent Management Strategies, Post Recession Challenges of Talent Management


Unit 6

Talent Management and Organisational Environment: Introduction, Talent Management and Organisational Environment-An Overview, Shaping Talent Planning and Developing Values, Promoting Ethical Behaviour


Unit 7

Talent Planning: Talent Planning, Objectives of Talent Planning, Steps in Strategic Talent Planning, Succession Planning Program, Innovative talent planning, Current Industry Practices for Strategic Talent Planning, Ensuring Leadership


Unit 8

Talent Acquisition: Introduction, Talent Acquisition, Recruiting Process, Strategic Trends in Talent Acquisition, Talent acquisition management solutions


Unit 9

Talent Engagement and Retention: Introduction, Concept of Talent Engagement, Retention, Employee Engagement and Retention, the Race for Talent: Retaining and Engaging Workers, Best Practices for Talent Engagement, Improving Employee Retention


Unit 10

Role of Information Technology in effective Talent Management Systems: Introduction, Role of Information Technology in Talent Management Systems, Talent Management Information System, Creating Business Value through Information Technology, Five Steps to a Talent Management Information Strategy, HR Analytics for TM Processes, Design Development through Rapid Prototyping and Scaling, Implementation and Maintenance, Audit and Update


Unit 11

Role of HR in Talent Management: Introduction, Overview of Human Resource Management, and Role of HR in Talent Management, Role of the HR Manager


Unit 12

Compensation and reward strategies for Effective Talent Management: Introduction, Effective Talent Management, Principles of Compensation Plans, Defining the Elements of Total Rewards, Integrated Rewards Philosophy, Designing Integrated Rewards, Sustainable Talent Management and Reward Model, Strategic Compensation plan for Talent Engagement, Finding the Path for Success,


Unit 13

Talent Management and Corporate Restructuring: Introduction, Corporate Reconstruction, Timing the Corporate Reconstruction, Business Process Re-engineering


Unit 14

Contemporary Talent Management Issues, Challenges, Best Practices: Introduction, Organisational Issues, Talent Management Challenges, Best Practices of Talent Management, Talent Management in India