Computer Networks Syllabus

Course Code:MI0035

Course Title: Computer Networks (4 Credits)




Course Contents


Unit 1

Introduction to Computer Networks: Introduction, Evolution of Computer Networks, Components of Computer Networks, Types of Computer Networks


Unit 2

Reference Models: Introduction, OSI Reference Model, TCP/IP Reference Model


Unit 3

Data Communications: Introduction, Data Communication System, Network Connections, Communication Media, Fourier analysis


Unit 4

Data Transmission and Data Compression: Introduction, Transmission Modes, Data Communication Interfacing, Multiplexing, Types of Data Compression


Unit 5

Link Control and Protocol Concept: Introduction, Error Detection and Error Correction, Function of Data Link Control, Protocols and Standards, High Level Data Link Control


Unit 6

Communication Satellites: Introduction, Communication Satellites, Geostationary Satellites, Medium-Earth Orbit Satellites, Low-Earth Orbit Satellites, Highly Elliptical Orbit, Satellites Versus Fiber


Unit 7

Network Standardisation: Introduction, Who is who in the Telecommunication World, Who is who in the International Standards World, Who is who in the Internet Standards World, The Advantages and Disadvantages of Standards


Unit 8

Network Topologies and Networking Devices: Introduction, Network Topologies, Computer Networking Devices, Differences between networking devices


Unit 9

Integrated Services Digital Network: Introduction, Network Architecture, ISDN Rate Interface, ISDN Reference Points, ISDN Protocol Architecture, Signalling, Application of ISDN


Unit 10

Protocols and Service Providers:  Introduction, Internet protocols, Importance of Internet Protocol, Internet Service Providers, Challenges for ISP


Unit 11

Data Link Layer: Introduction, Data Link Layer Design, Types of Errors, Error Detection, Error Correction, Data Link Protocols


Unit 12

MAC Sub-layer: Introduction, Channel Allocation, Multiple access protocols, Ethernet, Wireless LANs, Broadband wireless, Bluetooth


Unit 13

Network and Transport Layer: Introduction, Network Layer Design, Algorithm, Internetworking, Transport Layer Services, Elements of Transport Protocols, Internet Transport Protocols


Unit 14

Network Layer in Internet: Introduction, Internet Protocol, Internet Protocol Address, Internet Control Protocols, Mobile IP


Unit 15

Internet Applications and Network Security: Introduction, World Wide Web, Multimedia, Cryptography, Networking security algorithms, Communication Security, Email and web security