Java & Web Design Syllabus

Course Code:MI0035

Course Title: Java & Web Design (4 Credits)




Course Contents


Unit 1

Introduction to Java and Web Design: Introduction, World Wide Web, Web Browsers, Web Page, Introduction to Java and its Web Applications, Search Engines


Unit 2

Basic Web Page Development: HTML Basics- creating HTML document, Building a Web Page-Text and Image formatting-Adding links, Web Development Tools


Unit 3

Web Page Development with HTML: Introduction, HTML Table Structure-Basic HTML table tags-Formatting the table, Multimedia Files on a Web Page, Using a Form-Creating formatted lists, Using Frames in a Web Page


Unit 4

Using CSS for Web Designing: Introduction, Introduction to CSS-Benefits of CSS-Working with CSS, Web Page Editing with CSS- the text-Using colours with CSS-Positioning elements with CSS, Page Layout with CSS


Unit 5

Web Servers: Introduction, Basics of Web Server, Introduction to Apache Web Server- Installing the apache web server-Virtual host, Monitor the Usability of the Web Server Using Log Files, Securing a Web Server-Server errors-Performance of a web server


Unit 6

Using JavaScript: Overview of JavaScript, Using JavaScript in a Web Page, Event Handlers, Benefits and Drawbacks of JavaScript


Unit 7

Script Languages for Web Development: Overview of Script Languages, Comparison Between Script Language and Programming Language, The Perl Programming Language- features and benefits, The PHP Programming Language- Features , benefits and drawbacks of PHP programming language, The Python Programming Language


Unit 8

The LAMP Stack: Overview of LAMP Stack-  Origin-  Benefits and drawbacks of LAMP stack, Installing and Using the LAMP Stack, Managing LAMP with PHPMyAdmin


Unit 9

Search Engines: Overview of a Search Engine, Working of a Search Engine, Getting Higher Ranking for Your Site on a Search Engine


Unit 10

Web Design Tools: Web Design Tools, HTML Editors, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash, Firebug Browser


Unit 11

Java Basics: Java- features, Working with Java, Java Classes, Control Statements in Java, Example Prime Number Program


Unit 12

Classes and Objects: Object-Oriented Programming Language- Basic concepts- Advantages - Disadvantages -Applications of OOP, Object-Oriented Software Development in Java, Methods, Inheritance: Multiple Inheritance and Interfaces, Inner Classes, Sample Programs


Unit 13

Core Java API: Introduction to API, Installing and Using the Java Development Kit, Handling Exceptions, Threads- Creating a thread, Swing- The Swing packages


Unit 14

Servlets and JSP: Overview of Servlets and JSP, Working of Servlets- Life cycle of a servlet-Comparison of servlets with other script languages, Handling Client Requests and Sending a Response, Usage of JSP


Unit 15

Java Development Tools: JDK Development Environment, Java Web Technologies, Integrated Development Environment