Advertising Management And Sales Promotion Syllabus

Course Code: MK0016

Course Title: Advertising Management and Sales Promotion (4 Credits)




Course Contents


Unit 1

Overview of Advertising Management:  Introduction, Meaning and Framework of Advertising; Defining Advertising; Advertising to Persuade the Buyer; Importance of Advertising in Marketing; Role of Advertising in Marketing Mix and Positioning; Advertisers and Advertising Agencies; Choosing an Advertising Agency


Unit 2

The exciting world of Indian Advertising:  Introduction, Emerging Areas of Growth, Shifting patterns of consumption; Factors that Affect Marketing and Advertising


Unit 3

Structure of an Advertising Agency: Introduction, Overview of an Advertising Agency; Departments of an Advertising Agency, Creative department, Media department, Client servicing department, Marketing research department; Ancillary Services; Interfacing with Client’s Organisation; Integration of Services


Unit 4

Setting Advertising objectives: Introduction, Marketing Objectives; Advertising Objectives, Sales-oriented/ Behavioural objectives, Communication-oriented objectives; The DAGMAR Approach to Setting Objectives and Measuring, Advertising Effectiveness; Kinds of Advertising Objectives; The Advertising Communication System, The communication process, The advertising exposure model; The Need for Clear Understanding of Objectives


Unit 5

Understanding Persuasive Messages: Introduction, Communication Response Hierarchy, Securing Attention; Interpretation and Processing of Information; Persuasion; Attitude Change, Factors that influence or change attitudes; Theories of Advertising


Unit 6

Advertising Copy and Design strategy:  Introduction, Advertising Copy, Types of advertising copy; Creativity in Advertising; Copy Testing Methods; Visual Strategies, Art department specialists, Developing a layout, Power of synergy


Unit 7

Media Planning: Introduction, Media Objectives; Media Options; Measuring Media Audiences; Determining Media Weight; Media Schedule Decisions; Space and Time Buying; Cost Considerations; The Role of a Media Planner and a Media Buyer; Media Trends


Unit 8

Advertising Budgets:  Introduction, Factors Influencing Budget Setting, Typical Spending Patterns, Common Budgeting Approaches, Budgeting Methods, Decision Support System (DSS), Structure of DSS, Allocating the Marketing Communication Budget


Unit 9

Direct Marketing: Introduction, Meaning and Importance of Direct Marketing, Strengths and Limitations of Direct Marketing, Products Suitable for Direct Marketing, The Indispensable Elements of Direct Marketing, The list, The offer, The message, Media for Direct Marketing, Regulations and Ethics in Direct Marketing


Unit 10

Emerging Consumer Segments Introduction, evolving Consumer segments, the sunshine economy and Generation Me, Confident youth, Brat power, Assertive working women, DINK family, Metrosexual, Elderly population


Unit 11

Rural Advertising: Fundamental Nature of Rural Market, Understanding the rural mind and buying process, Advertising and Marketing in Rural Areas, Innovative Use of Media in Rural Areas, The Size of Rural Market, Promising Growth


Unit 12

Ethics in Advertising:  Introduction, Perceived Role of Advertising; The Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI); Forms of Ethical Violations; Misleading advertising; Advertising to children, Product endorsements, Stereotyping, Cultural, religious and racial sensitivity in advertising, Obscenity in advertising


Unit 13

Laws for Protection against MalpracticesIntroduction, Civil and Penal Codes Applicable to Advertising; Laws Relating to Intellectual Property Rights; Consumer Protection and Consumer Protection Act, 1986; The Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practices Act, 1969; A Note Regarding Comparative Advertising; Regulation Governing Broadcast Media Advertising


Unit 14

Sales Promotion:  Introduction, Meaning and Importance of Sales Promotion; Strengths and Limitations of Sales Promotion; Difference between Sales Promotion and Advertising; Tools and Techniques of Consumer Sales Promotion; Trade Promotions; Organising Sales Promotion Campaigns