Consumer Behaviour Syllabus

Course Code: MK0011

Course Title: Consumer Behaviour (4 Credits)



Course Contents

Unit 1

Introduction to Consumer Behaviour and Consumer Research: Introduction, Consumer Behaviour – Definition, Consumer and Customers, Buyers and Users, Organisations as Buyers, Development of Marketing Concept, Consumer Behaviour and its Applications in Marketing, Consumer Research Process

Unit 2

Marketing Segmentation and Positioning: Introduction, Requirements for Effective Segmentation, Bases for Segmentation, Determining How Many Segments to Enter, Product Positioning: An Introduction, Positioning Strategy, Positioning Approaches, Positioning Errors Consumer Motivation: Introduction, Needs and Goals, motivational Conflict, Defense Mechanisms, Motive Arousal, Motivational Theories, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, Motivation Research

Unit 3

Consumer Motivation: Introduction, Needs and Goals, motivational Conflict, Defense Mechanisms, Motive Arousal, Motivational Theories, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, Motivation Research

Unit 4

Consumer Personality: Introduction, Self-concept, personality Theories, Brand Personality, emotions

Unit 5

Consumer Perception: Introduction, Sensation (Exposure to Stimuli), Perceptual Selection, Perceptual Organisation, Factors that Distort Individual Perception, Price Perceptions, Perceived Product and Service Quality, Consumer Risk Perceptions

Unit 6

Consumer Learning, Memory and Involvement: Introduction, Components of Learning, Behavioral Theory, Cognitive Learning Theory, Memory System, Memory Process, Concept of Involvement, Dimensions of Involvement, Involvement and Types of Consumer Behaviour, Cognitive Response Model, Elaboration Likelihood Model, Social Judgment Theory, Brand Loyalty and Brand Equity

Unit 7

Consumer Attitudes: Introduction, Functions of Attitude, Attitude Models, Factors that Inhibit Relationship between Beliefs, Feelings and Behaviour, Learning Attitudes, Changing Attitudes, Attitude Change Strategies

Unit 8

Consumer Behaviour and Marketing Communications: Introduction, Marketing Communication Flow, Communications Process, Interpersonal Communication, Persuasive Communications, source, message, message appeals, communication feedback

Unit 9

Cultural Influences on Consumer Behaviour: Introduction, Characteristics of Culture, Values, Sub-cultures, Cross-cultural Influences, Cultural Differences in Non-verbal Communications


Unit 10

Social Class and Group Influences on Consumer Behaviour: Introduction, nature of Social Class, Social Class Categories, Money and Other Status Symbols, Source of Group Influences, Types of Reference Groups, Nature of Reference Groups, reference Group Influences, Applications of Reference Group Influences, Conformity to Group Norms and Behaviour, Family Life Cycle Stages, nature of Family Purchases and Decision-making, Husband-wife Influences, Parent-child Influences, Consumer Socialization of Children, word-of-Mouth Communications within Groups, opinion Leadership

Unit 11

Diffusion of Innovation: Introduction, Types of Innovation, Diffusion Process, Factors Affecting the Diffusion of Innovation, The Adoption Process, Time Factor in Diffusion Process, Culture, Communication and Diffusion

Unit 12

Situational Influence on Consumer’s Decision and the Decision Models:  Introduction, Nature of Situational Influence, Situational Variables, Types of Consumer Decisions, Nicosia Model of Consumer Decision-making (Conflict Model), Howard-Sheth Model (also called Machine Model), Engel, Blackwell, Miniard Model (also called Open System)

Unit 13


Consumer Decision-making Process Problem Recognition, Information Search and Evaluation of Alternatives: Introduction, Problem Recognition, Information Search, Evaluation of Alternatives

Unit 14

Consumer Decision-making Process: Outlet Selection, Purchase and Post Purchase Behaviour, Introduction, Outlet Selection and Purchase, Post Purchase Behaviour

Unit 15

Organizational Buying Behaviour : Introduction, Organizational Buyer Characteristics, Purchase and Demand Patterns, Factors Influencing Organizational Buyer Behaviour, organizational Buyer Decision Process, Organizational Buying Roles