International Marketing Syllabus

Course Code: MK0018

Course Title: International Marketing (4 Credits)




Course Contents


Unit 1

Introduction to International Marketing  Introduction, Scope of International Marketing, International Marketing vs. Domestic Marketing, Principles of International Marketing, Customer value and the value equation, Competitive or differential advantage, Management Orientations, MNCs and TNCs, Benefits of international marketing.


Unit 2

International Marketing Environment  Introduction, Political Environment, Political systems, legal and Regulatory Environment, Socio-cultural Environment, Economic Environment, Technological Environment, Challenges in Global Marketing.


Unit 3

International Trade Environment  Introduction, classical trade theories, modern trade theories, trade barriers, quotas, Implications of Tariffs, Types of Agreements, General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), Functions and Objectives of WTO, Implication of WTO on International Marketing, India’s Role in International Trade Theories.


Unit 4

International Market Entry Strategies   Introduction, Different Entry Modes and Market Entry Strategies, joint Ventures, Strategic Alliances, Direct Investment, Manufacturing and Franchising.


Unit 5

International Marketing Research  Introduction, Concept of Marketing Research, Need for Marketing Research, Approach to Marketing Research, Scope of International Marketing Research, International Marketing Research Process, market surveys, marketing information system



Unit 6

International Product Policy and Planning  Introduction, Products: National and International, the new Product Development, International Product Planning, Product Adoption and Standardization, International Market Segmentation, Influences on Marketing Plan and Budget, International Product Marketing,  Marketing of Services


Unit 7

International Pricing Policy: Introduction, Price and Non-Price Factors, Methods of Pricing, International Pricing Strategies, Dumping and Price Distortion, Counter Trade


Unit 8

International Distribution and Logistics Planning  Introduction, International Logistics Planning, Distribution – Definition and Importance, Direct and Indirect Channels, factors Involved in Distribution Systems, Modes of Transportation, International Packaging


Unit 9

International Promotional Strategies  Introduction, Communications Process, principles of communication, Status of Promotion, Promotion Appeals, Media Selection, Personal Selling, Public Relations and Publicity, Sales Promotion, advertising, e-marketing


Unit 10

Foreign Markets and Export Marketing Process  Introduction, choosing appropriate mode of operations, Issues Related to Exports, processing an Export Order, Entering into export contract, Export Pricing and Costing, Export-Import (EXIM) Policy, 2002-2007


Unit 11

Export Marketing Documentation:  Introduction, Significance of export documentation, the statutory control, declaration forms, disposal of export documentation form, major documents


Unit 12

Foreign Trade Policy  Introduction, export Promotion Capital Goods Scheme, Duty Exemption/Remission Schemes, gem and Jewellery Promotion Scheme, Diamond import licence, Special Economic Zones (SEZS),  Free Trade Warehousing Zones (FTWZ), Star Export Houses, Deemed exports, Agri Export Zones, Target Plus Scheme


Unit 13

Foreign Exchange and Foreign Currency:  Introduction, the Foreign Exchange Market, Organisation of the foreign exchange market, Exchange Rate Policy and Management, Triangular Arbitrage, Future and Forward Market, foreign Currency Options, Forecasting Foreign Exchange Rates


Unit 14

International Financial Institutions  Introduction, IMF, World Bank – IBRD, International Finance Corporation, Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)


Unit 15

Legal and Ethical Issues in International Marketing   Introduction, Nature of International Business Disputes and Proposed Action, Legal Concepts Relating to International Business, International Dispute Settlement Machinery, ethical Consideration in International Marketing and Marketing Communications.