Marketing Research Syllabus

Course Code: MK0012

Course Title: Marketing Research (4 Credits)



Course Contents

Unit 1

Marketing Research Dynamics- Introduction, Meaning of Research, Research Characteristics, Various Types of Research , Marketing Research and its Management, Nature and Scope of Marketing Research , Marketing Research in the 21st Century (Indian Scenario), Marketing Research: Value and Cost of Information

Unit 2

Planning the Research Process- Introduction, Research Process: An Overview, Formulation of a Problem, Research Methods, Research Design, Data Collection Methods, Sample Design, Data Collection, Analysis and Interpretation, Report Writing, Components of Research Proposal, Components of Research Paper

Unit 3

Research Design- Introduction, Meaning of Research Design, Types of Research Design, Descriptive Research, Causal Research Design, Research Design and Marketing Decision Process, Choosing a Good Research Design

Unit 4

Data Collection Sources and Methods: Introduction, Meaning and Nature of Secondary Data, Advantages of Secondary Data, Drawbacks of Secondary Data, Types of Secondary Data Sources, Primary Data and its Types

Unit 5

Designing a Questionnaire- Introduction, Questionnaire Design, Questionnaire Building, Process of Questionnaire Design, Information Required , Interview Method, Questionnaire Format and Question Composition, Individual Question Content, Questions Order, Form and Layout, Pilot Testing the Questionnaire

Unit 6

Measurement and Scaling Techniques-Introduction, Importance of Measurement and Scaling in Marketing Research, Scales of Measurement: Fundamental Properties, Primary Scales of Measurement, Attitude Measurement Scales, Types of Comparative Scales, Non – Comparative scale, Selecting an Appropriate Scale, Scale Evaluation

Unit 7

Sampling Theory-Design, size and Techniques: Introduction, Meaning of Sampling, Importance of Sampling in Marketing Research, Sampling: Basic Constructs, Process of Sampling Design, Determining Sample Size, Probability and Non Probability Sampling, Classification of Probability Sampling Techniques, Classification of Non Probability Sampling, Selecting an Appropriate Sampling Technique

Unit 8

Hypothesis Testing: Introduction, Hypothesis, Steps Involved in Hypothesis Testing, Test of Significance of a Mean, Test of Significance of Difference between Two Means, Test of Significance of Difference between Two Standard Deviations, Test of Significance of Sample Proportion, Test of Significance of Difference between Two Sample Proportions, Student’s T – Distribution, Parametric and Non-Parametric Tests

Unit 9

Data Processing and Preliminary Data Analysis: Introduction, Survey Field Work and Data Collection, Nature and Scope of Data Preparation, Editing, Coding, Data Entry, Data Cleaning, Preliminary Data Analysis, Assessing for Normality and Outliers


Unit 10

Data Analysis I :  Introduction, Statistics in Data Analysis, Measures of Central Tendency, Measures of Dispersion, Bivariate Analysis, Multivariate Analysis

Unit 11

Data Analysis II : Introduction, Descriptive Statistics, Univariate Analysis, Bivariate Analysis, Correlation analysis, analysis of variance and analysis of covariance, Multivariate Analysis,  Conjoint analysis

Unit 12

Data Interpretation and Report Writing: Introduction, Data Interpretation, Research Report, Modus Operandi of Writing a Market Research Report, Structure of the Report, Components of a Report, Style and Layout of a Report, Revising and Finalizing the Research Report, Quality Research Report, Responsibilities of a Market Research Report Writer, Presenting the Report

Unit 13


Applications of Marketing Research I: Introduction, Consumer Market Research, Business-to-Business Market Research, Product Research, Pricing Research, Motivational Research, Distribution Research

Unit 14

Applications of Marketing Research II: Introduction, Advertising Research, Media research, Sales Analysis and Forecasting, Data Mining

Unit 15

Recent Trends in Marketing Research:  Introduction, Marketing Information System and Research, Online Marketing Research, Recent Trends in Marketing Research, Research in Lifestyle Retail, Marketing Research and Social Marketing, Rural Marketing Research, Trends in Services Marketing Research, Brand Equity Research, International Marketing and Branding Research