Course Code:  MCA6111

Fundamentals-Of-Computer-And-IT(4 Credits)




Course Contents


Unit –1Introduction to computers: Computer – Definitions, The evolution of computers, characteristics of computers, Organization of a Computer.


Unit – 2Computer Generation & Classifications: Generation of Computer, Classification of Computers, Distributed Computer System, Parallel Computers


Unit-3: Number Systems and Boolean Algebra: Decimal; Binary; Octal; Hexadecimal Number systems; Converting Techniques in Number systems: 1’s Complements, 2’s Complement; Boolean algebra: Rules & Laws of Boolean algebra Basic Gates (NOT, AND & OR).


Unit-4: Logical Circuits: Combinational and sequential circuits, Flip flops, Introduction to shift registers, types of shift register, counters.


Unit – 5CPU: Introduction, CPU essentials, Modern CPU concepts, Processors, CPU Over locking.


Unit – 6Computer Memory: Memory System, Memory Cells, Memory Arrays, Random Access Memory (RAM), Read Only Memory (ROM), External Memory (Secondary Memory), Floppy Disk Drives, Compact Disk Read Only Memory, Magnetic Storage Drives, Physical Devices Used to construct Memories


Unit 7BUS: Introduction Bus, Industry standard architecture (ISA), Peripheral component interconnect (PCI), Accelerated graphics port, FSB, Dual Independent Bus (DIB), Trouble shooting.


Unit-8: Storage Devices:  Introduction, The hard drive, CD-ROM drive, DVD drive, Blue-Ray disc drive, Flash memory device


Unit-9: Input-Output Devices: Introduction, Mice, Keyboards, Basics of sound boards, rouble shooting a sound board


Unit-10Introduction to computer software: Computer Software, Overview of operating systems, Overview of application software, Overview of proprietary software, Overview of open source technology.


Unit-11Software Development, Design and Testing: Software Development, Analysis and Design, Coding, Software Testing, Software Paradigms, Programming Methods, Software Applications.


Unit-12: Operating System concepts- Operating System Concepts, Functions of Operating System, Development of Operating System, Operating System Components, Operating System Services, Operating Systems for Different Computers.


Unit-13Communication system concepts: Basic elements of communication system, Data communication, Network types, OSI reference model, Transmission control protocol/Internet protocol model.


Unit-14: TCP/IP and Internet: TCP/IP protocol suite, History of internet, concepts of internet, internet backbones, how it works, Requirements and uses of internet, IE, Internet applications.