Course Code: MCA411

Course Title: Microprocessor (4 Credits)




Course Contents


UNIT – 1: Introduction to computer-I: Definition of computer, classification of computers, A block diagram of a general purpose processor system; concept of Microprocessor, concept of hardware and software, operating system; Data and control paths concepts, registers and memory organization, Instruction set basics and assembly language programming: Instruction structure and addressing modes.


UNIT – 2: MICROPROCESSORS: Evolution of Microprocessors, Historical background, Overview of 8086 Family (till Intel i series), the microprocessor-based personal computer system.


UNIT – 3: 8086 MICROPROCESSOR: 8086 CPU Architecture, Machine language Instructions, concept of interpreter, compiler and debugger, Instruction execution timing.


UNIT – 4: INSTRUCTION SET OF 8086: Addressing modes, Assembler instruction format, data transfer and arithmetic, branch type, loop, NOP & HALT, flag manipulation, Logical and shift and rotate instructions, Illustration of these instructions with example programs, Directives and operators.


UNIT – 5: BYTE AND STRING MANIPULATION: String instructions, REP Prefix, Table translation, Number format conversions, Procedures, Macros, Programming using keyboard and video display.


UNIT – 6: 8086 INTERRUPTS: 8086 Interrupts and interrupt responses, Hardware interrupt applications, Software interrupt applications, Interrupt examples, study of Programmable Interrupt Controller 8259A & Interrupt Priority Management using 8259A.


UNIT – 7: Memory System Design & I/O Interfacing: Interfacing SRAM, ROM and DRAM to 8086, Address decoding & Timing, I/O interfacing in 8086: Serial communication interface includes Synchronous & Asynchronous Protocols, parallel communication Interfaces includes I/O Mapped I/O, Memory Mapped I/O, Handshaking Signals.


UNIT – 8: 8086 INTERFACING-1:Introduction, Interfacing keyboard to 8086, LED display interfacing, 8279 Programmable keyboard/Display Controller, Interfacing and Programming 8279, Stepper Motor Interfacing.


UNIT – 9: 8086 INTERFACING-2: Introduction, Programmable Interval Timer 8253/54, Interfacing of 8253/54 with 8086, Data communication


UNIT – 10: 8087 NUMERIC COPROCESSOR: Coprocessor configurations, The 8087 numeric data processor: Data Types and Formats, Processor architecture, instruction set and examples, Stacks in 8087,Interface of Coprocessor 8087 to Host 8086, ALP for 80868087 Systems; Study of IOP 8089, it’s interaction with 8086.


UNIT – 11: SYSTEM BUS STRUCTURE: Basic 8086 configurations: minimum mode, maximum mode, Bus Interface: peripheral component interconnect (PCI) bus, the parallel printer interface (LPT), the universal serial bus (USB).


UNIT – 12: 8086/88 BASED MULTIPROCESSOR SYSTEMS: 8086/88 based Multiprocessor Systems, Study of Multiprocessor configurations, Study of Bus Arbiter 8289, Bus arbitration and Control using 8289.


UNIT – 13: 8051 MICROCONTROLLERS: Architecture of 8051, Signals, Operational features, Memory and I/O addressing, Interrupts, Instruction set, Applications.