Programming In C

Course Code: MCA112

Course Title: Programming in C (4 Credits)




Course Contents


Unit 1: Introduction to C Programming:  introduction to the start and flavour of C.


Unit 2: Operators and Expressions: introduction to operators and expressions with examples.


Unit 3: Data Types and Input / Output Operators: floating point numbers, keywords, introduction to character I/O and output, formatted I/O, gets, puts and interactive programming with e.g.


Unit 4: Control Statements and Decision Making: introduction to control statements like do-while, while, for, break, continue statements with examples, introduction to the decision making like if-else, switch, goto statements.


Unit 5: Functions: introduction to function basics, its philosophies and recursion with examples.


Unit 6: Storage Classes: introduction to Storage Classes and Visibility, Automatic or local variables, Global variables, Static variables, External variables. E.g. like extern, local, global, automatics


Unit7: Arrays and Strings: introduction to one-dimensional, multidimensional arrays and strings.


Unit 8: Pointers - I: introduction to basics of pointers, Pointer Arithmetic, Pointer Subtraction and Comparison, Similarities between Pointers and One-dimensional Arrays.


Unit 9: Pointers - II: Introduction, Null Pointers, Pointers as Function Arguments, Pointers and Strings, Pointers and two-dimensional arrays, Arrays of Pointers.


Unit 10: Structures and Unions: basics of structures and unions clear explained with examples.


Unit 11: The Pre-processor: introduction to file inclusion, macros and conditional compilation.


Unit 12: Dynamic memory allocation and Linked list: explanation of dynamics memory, malloc, calloc and concept of linked list.


Unit 13: File Management: explanation on accessing file and I/O management.


Unit 14: Advanced Data Representation: Introduction to basics of abstract data types like queues, stacks.