Technical Writing

Course Code: MCA314

Course Title: Technical Writing (2 Credits)




Course Contents


 Unit 1: Technical Communication Overview: Meaning of Technical Writer; Role of Technical Writer; Evolution of Technical Communication Characteristics of Technical Communication; Essential Skills of Technical Communication; Indicators of Excellence in Technical Communication; Role of Technical Communication in Business and industry; Careers in Technical Communication.


Unit 2: Audience Analysis: Basic Classification of Readers: Primary Audience, Secondary Audience; Research on Readers: Environment and Expectations; Types of Audiences; Audience Analysis; Audience Adaptations; Audience Profile Sheet.


Unit 3: Research Interviews: Research Tools: Know your SME; Conducting SME Interviews: Pre-Interview, During Interview, After the Interview; Validation; Tips for collecting information from SMEs.


Unit 4: Technical Writing Structure: The Importance of Information Structures: Descriptions versus Instructions; Understanding Role of Description: Structure of object and Mechanism Description, Structure of Process Description; Hierarchical Structure: Horizontal and Vertical Structure, Linear and Non Linear Structure, Structural Clash, Information Chunk.


Unit 5: Technical Writing Style: Concise Communication: Common Errors while constructing sentences; Clarity and Precision: Guidelines to clear and specific writing; American and British English; Style Manual.


Unit 6: Technical Communication Editing: Meaning; Types of Editing; Role of a Technical Editor; Proof Reading: Proof reading symbols, Abbreviations:


Unit 7: Systems Development Life Cycle: Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) – Overview; SDLC Phases: Feasibility, Requirement Analysis and Design, Implementation, Testing, Maintenance; Strength and Weakness of SDLC.


Unit 8: Technical Communication Ethics: What is Legal & Ethical?  Ethical Issues in Technical Communication; STC Code for Communicators.