Wireless Mobile Communication

Course Code:  MCA5132

Course Title: Wireless Mobile Communication (4 Credits)   




Course Contents


Unit – 1: Introduction to wireless telecommunication  systems and Networks, History and Evolution Different generations of wireless cellular networks 1G, 2g,3G and 4G networks.


Unit – 2: Common Cellular System components, Common cellular network components, Hardware and software, views of cellular networks, 3G cellular systems components, Cellular component identification Call establishment.


Unit – 3: Wireless network architecture and operation, Cellular concept Cell fundamentals, Capacity expansion techniques, Cellular backbone networks, Mobility management, Radio resources and power management Wireless network security.


Unit – 4: GSM Architecture, GSM system overview, GSM Network and system Architecture, GSM channel concepts, GSM identifiers.


Unit – 5: GSM Interface and Protocol Stack: Introduction, GSM PLMN Interfaces, GSM Radio Interface, GSM Abis Interface, GSM A Interface, GSM Interface for connecting other components, mapping of GSM Layers onto OSI Layers, Protocols Used Across other Interfaces of GSM.


Unit – 6: GSM TDMA Techniques: Introduction, GSM and TDMA Techniques, GSM Channels, GSM Identifiers.


Unit –7: GSM system operation, Traffic cases, Cal handoff, Roaming, GSM protocol architecture, TDMA .


Unit – 8: CDMA technology, CDMA overview, CDMA channels concept CDMA operations.


Unit – 9: Speech Coding in GSM: Introduction, Speech coding methods, speech codec attributes, LPAS, ITU-T Standards.


 Unit – 10: Waveform Coding and Call flow in GSM: Introduction, Waveform coding, GSM Vocoders, Data encryption in GSM, Call flow in GSM.


 Unit – 11: Wireless Modulation Techniques: Introduction, Concept of Modulation, wireless Modulation Techniques, Air Interface, Path Loss Models, Multiple Access Techniques.


Unit – 12: Wireless Modulation Techniques – 2: Introduction, Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing, ultra wide band radio techniques, Diversity Techniques, GSM Hardware..


Unit-13: Wireless Local Area Networks: Introduction, Evolution of Wireless LANs, Wireless LAN Topologies, Wireless LAN Requirements, IEEE 802.11 standards, IEEE802.15 standards, IEEE802.16 Standards, Wireless LAN Applications.


Unit 14: WiFi and Wimax Technology:  Introduction, Wi-Fi (802.11) - Wi-Fi Features, Wi-Fi Architecture, Wi-Fi modes, WiMAX(802.16)- WiMAX Architecture, WiFi and WiMAX Comparison.