C# and .NET

Course Code: MIT4061

Course Title: C# and .Net (4 Credits)




Course Contents


Unit-1: Introduction to .Net: The C# Environment: .NET Framework – An Overview, Components of .NET , Common Language Specification (CLS), Common Language Runtime (CLR), Microsoft Intermediate Language ("MSIL" or "IL"), The Common Type System (CTS).NET Framework Base ClassesWeb ServicesWeb Formsand Windows Forms, The .Net Languages.


Unit-2: An Overview of C#: Object Oriented Concepts, C# Program – Execution, Sample Programs, Command Line Arguments, Programming Examples, Multiple Main Methods.


Unit-3: Literals, Variables and Data Types: Keywords,       Identifiers, Literals, Variables, Data Types, Boxing and Unboxing.


Unit-4: Operators and Expressions: Operator Precedence and Associativity, Arithmetic Operators, Relational Operators, Logical Operators, Assignment Operators, Increment and Decrement Operators, Conditional Operators, Bitwise Operators, Special Operators, Type Conversions.


Unit-5: Branching and Looping Structure: Decision Making Statements, The Switch Statement, The ? operator, Decision Making and Looping, Jumps in Loops, Labeled Jumps.


Unit-6: Arrays and Strings: Single Dimensional Arrays, Multidimensional Arrays,Jagged Arrays, System. Array Class, ArrayList Class, Strings, Regular Expressions.


Unit-7: Methods in C#: Declaring Methods, Main Method, Invoking Methods, Nesting of Methods, Method Parameters.


Unit-8: Structures and Enumerations: Structures- Defining a Structure, Assigning Values to Members , Copying Structures , Structures with Methods , Nested Structures , Classes Vs Structures, Guidelines to use Structures; Enumerations- Enumerator Initialization, Enumerator Base Types, Enumerator Type Conversion.


Unit-9: Classes and Objects: Classes, Constructors & Destructors, Member Initialization, ‘this’ Reference Variable, Nesting of Classes, Members, Properties.


Unit-10: Inheritance and Polymorphism: Classical Inheritance, Containment Inheritance, Defining a Subclass, Visibility Control, Subclass Constructor, Method Overriding, Hiding Methods, Abstract Classes, Abstract Methods, Sealed Classes, Sealed Methods, Polymorphism.


Unit-11: Exception Handling: Exceptions – An Overview, Exception Handling Syntax, Multiple Catch Statements, The Exception Hierarchy, General Catch Handler, Using ‘Finally’, Nested Try Blocks, User Defined Exceptions, Operators – Checked and Unchecked.


Unit-12: Interfaces, Delegates and Events: Defining Interfaces, Extending Interfaces, Implementing Interfaces, Explicit Interface Implementation, Abstract Classes and Interfaces, Delegates, Multicast Delegates, Events.


Unit-13: Managing Console I/O Operations: The Console Class, Console Input and Output, Formatted Output, Custom Numeric Format.


Unit-14: Windows and Web Application Development: Developing Windows Applications, Developing Web Applications.