Cloud Computing

Course Code:  MIT4072

Course Title: Cloud Computing (4 Credits)




Course Contents


Unit-1: Introduction to Cloud Computing: From Collaborative to Cloud- A Short History, Functioning of Cloud Computing, Cloud Architecture, Cloud Storage and Cloud Services, Industrial Applications.


Unit-2: Business Values: Service Modeling, Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service, Software as a Service, Massively Scaled Software as a Service.


Unit-3: Inside Cloud Computing: Sensational Feeling about Organization, Deciding on Strategy, Governance Issues, Monitoring Business Process, IT Cost Management.


Unit-4: Cloud Service Administration: Service Level Agreements and Monitoring, Support Services, Accounting Services, Resource Management, Service Management, Untangling Software Dependencies.


Unit-5: Cloud Computing Technology: Clients, Security, Network, Services.


Unit-6: Accessing the Cloud: Platforms, Web Applications, API in Cloud Computing, Browsers for Cloud Computing,


Unit-7: Cloud Data Management: Data Security, Data Location, Data Control, Securing Data for Transport, Scalability and Cloud Services, Storage as A Service.


Unit-8: Information Storage in Cloud Computing: Storage as a Service, Storage Providers, Storage Security, Merits and Demerits of Cloud Storage.


Unit-9: Discovery of Private and Hybrid Clouds: Need for Privacy, Comparing Public, Private and Hybrid, Examining the Economics of the Private Cloud, The Up Key Vendors.


Unit-10: Cloud Computing Standards: Best Practices and Standards, Practical Issues, Standards Organizations and Groups.         


Unit-11: Desktop and Device Management: Desktop Virtualisation, Desktop Placement in the Cloud, Desktop Management.


Unit-12: Cloud Governance: IT Governance, Deciding the Governor, Risk Assessment of Running the Cloud, Working of Governance.


Unit-13: Migrating to the Cloud: Cloud Services for Individual, Cloud Services Aimed at the Mid-Market, Enterprise-Class Cloud Offerings, Migration.


Unit-14: Future practice of cloud computing: Analyze Your Service, Best Practices, How Cloud Computing Might Move.