Graphics and Multimedia Systems

Course Code:  MIT3093

Course Title: Graphics and Multimedia Systems (4 Credits)




Course Contents


Unit-1: Introduction to computer graphics & graphics systems: Overview of computer graphics, Advantages of Interactive Graphics, Image Processing as Picture Analysis, Visualization, RGB color model, Direct Table, Lookup Table.


Unit-2: Devices: Over View of Graphic System, Active and Passive Graphic Devices, Computer Graphics Software.


Unit-3: Scan conversion: Points & lines, Line drawing algorithms.


Unit-4: Scan conversion -2: Circle generation algorithm; Ellipse generating algorithm, Scan Line Fill Algorithm, Boundary fill algorithm, flood fill algorithm.


Unit-5: 2D Transformation: Basic transformations, Matrix representation & homogeneous coordinates, transformations between coordinate systems, Other Transformation in 2D, Composite Transformations in 2D.


Unit -6: 2D Viewing: 2D Viewing pipeline, Window to viewport Co-ordinate transformation, clipping operations, polygon Clipping.


Unit-7: 3D transformation & Viewing: 3D transformations, other transformations, Rotation about an arbitrary axis in space, reflection through an arbitrary plane, Projections, 3D Viewing.


Unit-8: Curves: Introduction to Spline Curves, Explicit Curves, Parametric Spline Curves, Bezier Curves, B-Spline Curves, Non Uniform Rational B-Spline Curves, Introduction to Surfaces.


Unit-9: Hidden surfaces: Hidden Surface Determination, Visible-Surface Detection Methods, z-buffer algorithm, Back Face Detection, BSP tree Method, Depth-Sort Algorithm, Scan Line Method, Fractal Geometry, Wire Frame Methods.               


Unit-10: Color & shading models: Color model, Basic Lighting and Reflection, Shading,   Texture Mapping.


Unit-11: Multimedia: Introduction and Concepts of Multimedia, uses of multimedia, hypertext and hypermedia, Video, Audio and Image Standards.


Unit-12: Audio: digital audio, Music- MIDI basic concepts, MIDI devices, MIDI messages; Processing and sampling sound, Compression.


Unit-13: Video: MPEG compression standard, compression through redundancy, Frame compression.


Unit-14: Animation: Types and Techniques of Animation, key frame animation, morphing, Virtual Reality concepts.