Wireless And Mobile Communication

Course Code:  MIT4073

Course Title: Wireless and Mobile Communication (4 Credits)




Course Contents


Unit-1: Introduction to Wireless Telecommunication Systems and Networks: Concepts of Wireless Communication, History and Evolution of Wireless Communication, Different Generations of Wireless Networks.


Unit-2: Common Cellular System Components: Cellular networks architecture, Signal strength and cell area, Common cellular netowrks components, Components Identification and call establishment.


Unit-3: Wireless Network Architecture and Operation: Fundamentals of Cellular Architecture, Mobility Management in Wireless Network, Power Management in Wireless Network, Security in Wireless Network.


Unit-4: GSM Architecture: Fundamentals of GSM Network, GSM Frequency Band, GSM PLMN, GSM Objectives, GSM Services, GSM PLMN Subsystems.


Unit-5: GSM Interface and Protocol Stack: GSM PLMN Interfaces , GSM Radio Interface, GSM Abis Interface, GSM A Interface , GSM Interface for Connecting Other Components, Mapping of GSM Layers onto OSI Layers, Protocols Used Across Other Interfaces of GSM.


Unit-6: GSM TDMA Techniques: GSM and TDMA Techniques, GSM Channels, GSM Identifiers.


Unit-7: GSM System Operation and Traffic Cases: GSM System Operations, Traffic Cases in GSM Network, Handover in GSM Network.


Unit-8: CDMA Technology: CDMA overview, CDMA channels Concept, CDMA system operations.


Unit 9: Speech Coding in GSM: Speech coding in GSM, Speech coding methods, Speech codec attributes, LPAS, ITU-T Standards.


Unit-10: Waveform Coding and Call Flow in GSM: Waveform Coding, GSM Vocoders, Data Encryption in GSM, Call flow in GSM.


Unit-11: Wireless Modulation Techniques: Concept of Modulation, Wireless Modulation Techniques, Air Interface, Path Loss Models, Multiple Access Techniques.


Unit-12: Wireless Modulation Techniques – 2: Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM), Ultra Wide Band Radio Techniques, Diversity Techniques, GSM Hardware.


Unit-13: Wireless Local Area Networks: Evolution of Wireless LANs, Wireless LAN Topologies, Wireless LAN Requirements, IEEE 802.11 Standards, IEEE 802.15 Standards, IEEE 802.16 Standards, Wireless LAN Applications.


Unit-14: Wi-Fi and Wimax Technology: Wi-Fi (802.11), WiMAX(802.16).