Dr Mohsin Wali - Age is never the limit to study

Designation - Physician to the President of India

Course Completed- MBA

For the 1st time in India I was appointed as the physician to the President of India, and I was only 31 years old. The then President of India, R. Venkataraman wanted a young, dynamic physician and had huge expectations from me, I am glad that I stood up to his expectations very well, and it is a matter of great honour for me.


I am a physician for the common people as well, and the duties which I render towards the VIP’s are a matter of commitment, since I believe in giving 200% of my efforts towards them. There is no restriction for anyone, whoever needs my help, I am always ready to help them with all the knowledge that I have.


I have completed my MBA through Sikkim Manipal University - Distance Education. I chose SMU-DE for the very reason that the courses they provide through distance learning are highly credible, and Sikkim Manipal itself is a University of high repute. The course material has been designed with great care and includes all the necessary and important data required.


I decided to pursue MBA at this stage, because I feel that learning is a never ending process, and it can be taken up at any point of time. There is no hard and fast rule that you are only meant to study between the ages of 5 to 22 years. In the medical profession, one almost gets to learn something new every day from his patients. Pursuing MBA has helped in developing my administrative knowledge.


I believe in the theory that from cradle to grave, one is a student. And in medical profession you are always a student, because almost every day you get to learn something or the other from your patients. Apart from this, my decision to do an MBA at this stage was because of the reason that to run a hospital one needs to have administrative qualification. I might be a very good doctor, but with the completion of MBA, I have enriched my already existing qualification.

Priya Sharma




Priya Sharma- Inspired by her father

Organisation- Hewlett Packard

Designation- Systems Engineer

Course Completed- MBA



I have completed my MBA in Operations Management from SMU-DE.

After my BE, I wanted to start working but everyone said that an MBA degree always gives an extra advantage. I was thinking of pursuing one.

But I was not ready to take up a full-time MBA Program for two years. At the same time, I saw my dad completing his MBA from SMU-DE, at the age of 55. Then I decided that I would take MBA Program from SMU-DE.


The MBA Program at SMU-DE is unique. They provide you EduNxt platform which acts like your buddy for the entire program. At EduNxt, you can take online exams. You can do online assignments. There are chat sessions, there is a student corner, and there are dashboards. You can select the exam schedule, and exam centre.

For a working professional like me, it is very important to plan my leaves. EduNxt helps me with this as I can select own exam centre.


I feel that anybody can take SMU-DE exams and will definitely grow in their career. I feel that these two years of experience and my MBA degree, will definitely give a boost to my career.


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