Public Notice

It has come to our notice that some unauthorized/fraudulent agencies and persons are contacting SMU-DE students, and offering support/help in submitting re-registration/re-sitting /re-validation fees, preparation of assignments / projects and passing in examinations. These fraudulent agencies / persons have put up websites / links that might imitate SMUDE website to attract students. Please be careful of fraudulent calls and offers from such unauthorized agencies/persons/websites.  


SMU-DE does not solicit any money whatsoever from any students at any stage of their enrolment other than the program fees, application fees and other fees mentioned in the prospectus/University circulars for a particular academic session. For all fee payments, students have to use only the SMUDE portal, which has as the domain name. SMU-DE will not be responsible in any way for the amount paid by the students to such unauthorized agencies / persons purporting to be representing SMU-DE for providing Academic/ Administrative support. All University email communication happens only with email IDs ending with Please look for this domain name in all University communications with you.


Avoid using projects/assignments offered by such unauthorized agencies/persons/websites. These agencies offer same projects/assignments to many students. Such projects/assignments are often REJECTED due to plagiarized content. The University will grant ZERO marks for plagiarized assignments/projects.


If you need any help with your Assignments or Projects or have any issues with Fee payment, please contact University helpdesk Toll Free no.: 1800 102 1123 (9:00 am to 7:00 pm) on all days (excluding National Holidays) or write to