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Allied Health Sciences: Career Prospectus 

Allied health is a broad category, with careers ranging from dieticians to physician assistants to healthcare technicians. Salaries range as widely as job titles, but regardless of varying allied health job opportunities, each professional possesses a unique skill set. A mental health job seeker and a medical assistant may have different job descriptions, but both are necessary for a functioning healthcare system. You should make the most of your allied health career with a job that is right for you and your expertise.

Clinical Research

This programme provides necessary training for graduate students in order to develop diverse careers as

  • Clinical Research Associates (CRA)
  • Medical Writers
  • Clinical Data Coordinators
  • Drug Development Associate
  • Business Development Manager
  • Clinical Project Manager
  • Clinical Research Manager
  • Regulatory Affairs Manager
  • Clinical Data Manager
  • Clinical Research Manager
  • Analytical chemist 
  • Biostatisticians

They can gain employment in Contract Research Organisations (CROs), pharmaceutical companies and government agencies or academia.

Doctors completing this programme can be employed as a principal investigator, co-investigator, medical advisor, drug developer or clinical research physician.

Laboratory Technology:

Laboratory investigations and test play an important role in the detection and treatment of many diseases. Medical Laboratory technology course train graduates to perform these investigations and tests in the fields of biochemistry, pathology, microbiology and blood banking.

Rewarding careers are open to MLT graduates in hospitals, clinical laboratories, research institutions, industry and private clinics. They can also establish their own medical laboratories. Aspiring students can pursue post graduate studies in MLT.

Imaging Technology:

A unique professional degree combining various aspects of radio diagnostic technology and medical imaging. Graduates will be able to effectively manage radiological diagnostic service facilities and assist in radiological procedures involving ultrasonography, CT scan and MRI. Great prospects lay at the hands of BMIT graduates to work in premier hospitals and radio diagnostic institutes in both public and private sectors. Career opportunities for the graduates in foreign countries are immense.

Health Information Administration:

This is an emerging course with focus on health information management, disease coding, health insurance and application of Information Technology in Health Information Management. With current market demands for professionals in medical record services, medical transcription, health insurance documentation and public health documentation, BHIA graduates will have wide opportunities in all types of hospitals including academic programmes of teaching hospitals, health insurance companies, Medical research organisations, medical transcription firms, business process outsourcing companies, etc. Students can also pursue post graduate programmes in healthcare management or health information administration.

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