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Management is the art and science of coordinating resources and utilising them to the best advantage in achieving set objectives. Management, in this sense, is an inevitable component of all human activities, irrespective of profit objective and is not confined to profit oriented industries and businesses, as popularly perceived and understood.


The essential principles guiding management of resources and delivering on objectives have not changed in the basic sense, over the years. However, management’s perspectives, methodologies, and tools have undergone much transformation, under the pressure of evolving global trends.


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Information Technology

Information Technology or IT is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. With information gaining immense value, technology is a pre requisite to making it usable. IT is an industry that will have excellent prospects for a long time to come, in businesses like:

  • Trade Manufacturing Services Culture
  • Communication
  • Entertainment
  • Education
  • Research
  • National defence 
  • Global security

The SMU-DE courses provide you with the right skills to leverage the opportunity in IT. With an enviable track record of our alumni being placed in prestigious companies, SMU-DE is your gateway to a successful career in IT.


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Health care sciences

Allied Health is the backbone of the healthcare industry. Allied Health professionals play a significant role in supporting and complementing the role of physicians and surgeons. With opportunities in hospitals, clinics, sports medicine and therapy, a degree from SMU-DE in the Allied Health Sciences opens doors to lucrative careers across the globe.


With the onset of medical tourism and the growing popularity of India as a healthcare destination, Allied Health has immense potential. A degree in Allied Health Sciences from SMU-DE gives you to the edge to make the most of a growing industry.


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