May 13th marked Mother’s Day this year. It is no surprise that brands all over want to use this special day to make their way into the hearts of the consumers.
Today, brands are showcasing creativity with an emotional touch. If you’re a student pursuing a distance learning MBA course, you should study some of such Mother’s Day ad campaigns to understand how to connect with your audience. These campaigns not only inspire with their creativity, but also subtly show how brands compete with each other to occupy their space in the consumer’s mind.


Let’s take a look at some of the best Mother’s Day campaigns that will certainly inspire the marketer in you!




Ornamenting the special bond we all share with our mothers through a short and sweet TVC, the jewellery brand Tanishq rolled out the campaign #ForYouMom on Mother’s Day. The commercial portrays the story of a daughter who celebrates her promotion by gifting Tanishq jewellery to her mother. However, there’s a funny twist in the plot, which we won’t spoil! Check out the ad here:






Mother’s Day ad campaigns are always heart touching and Practo absolutely wins with its #CallMomNow campaign for the special day. The video rekindles the deepest bond we share with our mothers by illustrating that in every phase of life be it childhood, adolescence or even old age, the first name that we utter in pain is that of our mother. The ad beautifully connects with the brand’s image and reinforces its ‘caregiver’ role in our lives. Watch the heart-felt ad here:





BIBA can be credited for breathing life into Indian ethnic fashion with its strong market presence. The brand takes this unspoken role forward in its Mother’s Day campaign – “That’s my girl”. The gripping commercial shows a mother dressing up her young girl in traditional wear. As the mother gets busy attending to a phone call, the little girl dresses herself up to give a nice surprise to her mother and show off her budding fashion skills.




Not many TVCs are powerful enough to leave the audience teary-eyed. However, DominosMother’s Day ad #MaaNahiBhoolti made the viewers emotional with its gripping narration and storyline.


The brilliant ad depicts the story of a mother who is left at an old home by her son. She dearly misses him while trying to adjust to her new life and makes some money by stitching clothes. One day, she orders a pizza for her son from her hard-earned money. What happens next? Watch it for yourself:



The ad again is a great example of how the product is not showcased as the hero, but the customer is. So, if you’re pursuing a marketing related distance learning course in Mumbai or a correspondence course in Bangalore, you would do well to understand that a product or brand can be subtly intertwined with an emotional story – as it doesn’t oversell the brand.


Google India


Google India came with a brilliant concept for Mother’s Day. The ad begins with a daughter going to her office as she waves a bye to her mom. On the way she is drawn back to the memory of her first day at school and the longest three hours of her life that she went through while being away from her mother. She comes back to hug her mother only to find her struggling with the computer. The ad ends with the daughter helping her mother to explore a new world – the internet.



Ads are marketing lessons in themselves


Ads are a great way to learn and understand how brands connect with their consumers. Just by watching such well-made ads, you can learn a lot about the brand’s marketing strategy. Many MBA and BBA courses cover branding and advertising to some extent, but learning about these creative masterpieces is a fun and easy way for students to know more about the thought process, communication strategy and the different mediums used for branding.


Did we miss out on your favourite Mother’s Day ad? Tell us about it in the comments section.


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