Indian cricketing fans are an emotional lot. They have been harsh even to Sachin Tendulkar, their God of Cricket, when he was not in his best form. And at some point, every Indian cricketer has felt the heat from the selection committee, fans, and teammates alike when their chips are down. Same can be said for Hardik Pandya, who is now considered an asset to the Indian team, and agreeably one of the best all-rounders Indian soil has produced.



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However, it didn’t come easy to Hardik. He had to prove to the world and most importantly to his critics that with a never say die attitude, the ability to learn from mistakes, and an unstoppable passion and love for what you do, you can achieve your dreams.


Hardik, an unknown face, made his debut in the 2015 IPL series where he played a match-winning innings for Mumbai Indians. Cut to the five-match series against Australia this year, the all-rounder from Baroda bagged the ‘Player of the Tournament’ award by knocking a magnificent 222 runs and claiming six wickets.





However, beneath the flamboyant personality of Hardik, there’s an inspiring struggle for success that can teach us a lot. Let’s look at what makes Hardik unstoppable and what we can learn from this outstanding cricketer.



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Follow your passion


Very few of us know that Hardik failed in the 9th standard, used to play in local village tournaments to earn a measly four hundred rupees, and didn’t ever get the privileges many of the Indian cricketers get. Yet he remained true to his passion and kept working hard to make his place in the Indian team and fulfill his dream.


It’s inspirational to see how all you need is the passion to succeed. While many people look for excuses to convince themselves that it’s not possible, the passionate ones look for opportunities and don’t wait for miracles to happen. For example, students who are away from good education can opt for distance education courses and make their dreams come true.


Be a fast learner 


While talent can give you short-term success, acting upon the advice of your mentors makes you a reliable and an impactful resource for the team. Beneath the flashy rockstar image, Hardik is a keen learner and credits his mentors Dhoni and Kohli for making him what he is today.


In Hardik’s own words, “I have learned a lot from Dhoni over the years. He kept telling me how to change things up and it was a pleasure playing with him.”


The eagerness to learn from experience combined with the understanding of what your strengths are is the key to be consistent in delivering results. This is especially true to stay on top of things in a correspondence course.


Work hard no matter what


Being a natural smasher of the ball and the batsman to hit the longest six in ICC Champions Trophy 2017, Hardik believes being fit is most important. He likes to hit the gym and have practice sessions every single day without fail. Being a fast bowler and an all-rounder is taxing on his body so he makes sure that he gets the right strength and endurance to make it through demanding situations.


Many of us take initial success as defining, and don’t keep up with our efforts to improve ourselves. Make every day count to emerge successful!


Students from different streams like MBA in FinanceHR or Marketing can use these lessons and apply to their daily life to achieve definite results.


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