Frustrated employee (coming out of the appraisal meeting): “Damn these jobs! Keep slogging throughout the year, still no value for skills. How does it matter if I messed up the client presentation? I did put in so much hard work, right!”


Every job comes with a clearly mentioned list of roles and responsibility. What they do not mention is a set of soft skills required to conduct it. While many of us might feel the same as the employee portrayed above, it is important to realize that proactivity in developing the soft skills is crucial.


Not only is it important because your work needs visibility among the thousands of other employees, it is also a way to handle corporate communications better, easier and faster.


Listed below are 5 skills, which run the longest, irrespective of the industry you belong to, position that you hold, or the boss you report to!



  1. Interpersonal relationship, because no man is an island!


As an employee you are expected to deliver over a project, irrespective of the dependencies. Many a times either IT department doesn’t go well with the marketing; or on other occasions brand owner shares a drift with the creative agency. Critical is to walk one’s way through these odds, and get the work done.



  1. Analytical abilities, because data is the next big thing!


We are in a technological age with immense amount of data around us. More often than not we either get overwhelmed by the expanse of it, or fail to differentiate the irrelevant ones from what could actually make a difference to the business. It is thus important to take steps that are backed by data points relevant to the scenario. Be it a small insight like the timing of a Facebook post, or an entire shift in business model, having a knack for research based analysis is undeniably an important skill to possess.




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