Business Communication Syllabus

Course Code: MB0039

Course Title: Business Communication  (4 Credits)




Course Contents


Unit 1- Basic Principles of Communication: Introduction, Understanding Communication, the Communication Process, Barriers to Communication, the Importance of Communication in the Workplace


Unit 2-Types and Channels of Communication: Introduction, Types of Communication, Classification of Communication Channels


Unit 3- The Nature of Business Communication: Introduction, Types of Business Communication, Communication Network in Organizations


Unit 4- The Importance of Listening in the Workplace: Introduction, what is listening? Barriers to Listening, Strategies for Effective Listening, Listening in a Business Context


Unit 5- Guidelines for Written Business Communication: Introduction, General Principles of Writing, Principles of Business Writing


Unit 6- Developing Oral Business Communication Skills: Introduction, Advantages of Oral Communication, Oral Business Presentations


Unit 7- Reading Skills for Effective Business Communication: Introduction, what is reading? Types of reading, SQ3R Technique of Reading


Unit 8- Internal Business Communication: Guidelines for Meetings: Introduction, Types of Meetings, Before the Meeting, During the Meeting, After the Meeting, and Common Mistakes made at Meetings


Unit 9- Internal Business Communication: Writing Memos, Circulars and Notices: Introduction, What is a Memo? Circulars and Notices


Unit 10- Internal Business Communication – Electronic Media and Shareholder Communication: Introduction, what is an Intranet? , Communicating through Email, Communication with Shareholders


Unit 11- External Business Communication – Writing Business Letters: Introduction, Principles of Business Letter Writing, Types of Business Letters, Format for Business Letters


Unit 12-Other Forms of External Business Communication: Introduction, Communication with Media through News Releases, Communication about the Organization through Advertising


Unit 13- Internal and External Business -Communication – Writing Business Reports: Introduction, What is a Report? Types of Business Reports, Format for Business Reports, Steps in Report Preparation


Unit 14- Employment Communication – Resumes and Cover Letters: Introduction, Writing a Resume, Writing Job Application Letters, Other Letters about Employment


Unit 15- Employment Communication – Group Discussions and Interviews:  Introduction, What is a Group Discussion? Attending Job Interviews