Advertising And Sales

Course Code: BBA304

Course Title: Advertising and Sales (4 Credits)




Course Contents


Unit 1: Introduction to Advertising: Definition of Advertising, History of Advertising, Roles of Advertising, Functions of Advertising, Key Players in Advertising, Types of Advertising, Steps in Development of Advertisement          


Unit 2: Integrated Marketing Communication: Integrated Marketing Communication, Evolution of Integrated Marketing Communication, Role of IMC, Consumer Behaviour, Consumer buying decision process, Communication Process, Promotional Mix: Tools for IMC, The IMC Planning Process, Global IMC


Unit  3: Advertising Design: Appeals, Message Strategies & Executional Framework: Advertising Design, Advertising Theory, Types of Advertising Appeals, Structure of an Advertisement, Message Strategies, Cognitive strategies, Executional Strategies, Creating an Advertising, Advertising Effectiveness


Unit 4: Copywriting: Meaning and Definition of Copywriting, The Copywriter, Copywriting for Print, Copywriting guidelines, Radio Copywriting, TV Copywriting, Writing for the Web, Tips for writing good web content


Unit  5: Media Planning and Strategies: Growth and Importance of Media, Meaning and Role of Media Planning, Media Plan, Market Analysis, Media Objectives, Developing and Implementing Media Strategies, Evaluating the effectiveness


Unit 6: Print Media and Outdoor media: Characteristics of the press, Basic media concepts, Newspapers,    Magazines, Factors to consider for magazine advertising, Packaging, Out-of-home Advertising, Directory Advertising


Unit 7: Broadcast and Internet Media: Meaning of Broadcast Media, Radio as  Medium, Television as Medium, Internet Advertising, Email Advertising


Unit 8: Public Relation and Publicity: Meaning  of Public Relations, Difference between public relations and advertising , Role of Public Relations, Process of Public Relations, Advantages and Disadvantages of Public Relations, Publicity, Advantages and Disadvantages of Publicity


Unit 9: Sales Management: Defining Sales Management , Objectives of Sales Management, Sales Management Strategies, Functions of Sales Executives, Qualities and Skills of Sales Executives, Sales Presentation Techniques, Emerging Trends in Sales Management


Unit 10: Sales Promotion: Scope and Role of Sales Promotion, Growth of Sales Promotion, Consumer Oriented Sales Promotion, Techniques in Sales Promotion, Trade Oriented Sales Promotion


Unit 11: Personal Selling: Defining Personal Selling, Scope and Significance, Aims and Objectives of Personal Selling, AIDAS Principles, Personal Selling Process, Customer Delight


Unit 12: Management of Sales Territories and Quotas: Defining Sales Territory, Designing Sales Territory, Steps involved, Methods used, Guidelines for designing territories, Types of territory designs, Reasons for Establishing Sales Territory, When not to establish sales territories, Aligning Sales Territory, When to align sales territories, How to align sales territories, Sales Quota, Types of Sales Quota, Breaking Down Sales Quota, How to Set Sales Quota, Reasons for Fixing Sales Quota, Administering Quota System


Unit 13: Staffing, Training and Motivating the Salesforce: Sales Organisation and its Types, Meaning and Role of Sales Force,      Sales Force Objectives and Strategy, Sales Force Size, Recruiting and Selecting the Sales Force, Sales Training, Motivating the Sales Force, Motivational Tools, Financial rewards, Non-financial rewards,Compensation, Leadership for Sales


Unit 14: Effectiveness and Performance of Sales Force: Sales Organisation Audit, Sales Organisation Effectiveness Evaluation,  Ethical Issues in Sales Management, Salesperson Performance Evaluation, Sales Person Job Satisfaction