Business Environment

Course Code: BBA103

Course Title: Business Environment (4 Credits)





Course Contents


Unit 1: Business Environment: An Introduction-Introduction, Concept of  Business, Levels of the Business Environment, Understanding the Environment


Unit 2: Economic Environment: Introduction, Economic Environment of Business, The Global Economic Environment, Economic Policies, Business and Economic Policies


Unit 3:  Socio Cultural  Environment  : Introduction,Business and Society, Business and Culture , Indian Business Culture, Culture and Organizational Behavior


Unit 4: Political Environment: Introduction, Political Environment and the Economic system, Types of Political Systems, Indian Constitution and Business, Changing Profile of Indian Economy ,   Business Risks Posed by the Indian Political System


Unit 5:Economic Systems: Introduction, Capitalist Economy, Socialist Economy, Mixed Economy


Unit 6: Financial Environment: Introduction, An Overview of the Financial System, Components of Financial System, Financial Institutions and their Roles, Financial Institutions in India,    Role of Foreign Direct Investment


Umit 7: Legal Environment: Introduction, Legal Environment, Laws Impacting Industry in India, Intellectual Property Rights, Major Regulations Pertaining to Business


Unit 8: Economic Role of Government: Introduction, Regulatory Role of Government, Promotional Role of Government, Participatory Role of Government, Conciliatory and Judicial Role of Government ,     Impact of India’s Industrial Policy on Economic Reforms


Unit 9: New Economic Policy : Introduction, Industrial Policy,The crisis of June, 1991, Objectives of New Economic Policy – 1991, Emphasis  of NEP on Liberalization, NEP and Privatization, NEP effect on Globalization, Positive and Negative effects of New Economic Policy


Unit 10: Privatization: Introduction, Meaning of Privatization,Objectives of Disinvestment, Privatization / Disinvestment in India, Problems with Privatization


Unit 11: Globalization: Introduction, Meaning of Globalization,Future of Globalization, Organisations to facilitate globalization


Unit 12: India, WTO and Trading Blocs: Introduction, Levels of Economic Integration/Trading Blocs, Effects of Economic Integration, Major Regional Trading Blocs, Commodity Agreement, World Trade Organization, WTO and India


Unit 13:Corporate Social Responsibility: Introduction, Meaning and Definition, Need for social responsibility of business, Social responsibility of business towards different groups, Barriers to social responsibility, Social responsibility of business in India


Unit 14: Public, Private, Joint and Cooperative Sectors: Introduction, Public sectors, Organization of public sector enterprises,Private Sector, Joint sectors,  Formation of Joint sector enterprise,Cooperative sectors


Unit 15: Indian Economy: Introduction,India as a Developing Economy, India as an Emerging Economy, India as a Mixed Economy