Computer Fundamentals

Course Code: BBA105

Course Title: Computer Fundamentals (2 Credits)




Course Contents


Unit 1: Computer Basics: Introduction, Characteristics of a Computer, Criteria for Using Computers,History of Computers, Generations of Computer, Classification of Computers, Applications of Computer, Basic Components of PC, Computer Architecture


Unit 2: Number Systems: Introduction, Classification of Number System, Types of Number System, Conversions from One Base to Another, Conversion using Shortcut Method


Unit 3: Hardware and Software: Introduction, Computer Memory, Secondary Memory, Computer Peripherals, Output Devices, Software requirements


Unit 4: Windows XP: Introduction, Features, Comparison between Professional and Home edition, Windows XP installation, Activating Windows XP, Security features of Windows XP, Accessing User  Accounts, Getting Help


Unit 5: MS Word: Introduction, Windows 2007 Interface, Customizing the Word Application, Document Views, Basic Formatting in MS Word 2007, Advanced Formatting, Navigating through a Word Document, Performing a Mail Merge, A Quick Look at Macros, Printing Documents, Print Preview


Unit 6: Excel 2007: Introduction, Workbook, Worksheet, Formatting in excel, Advanced formatting in Excel, Working with formulas, Printing worksheets


Unit 7: MS PowerPoint: Introduction, Creating a Presentation, Basic Formatting in PowerPoint, Advanced Formatting,   Using Templates, Inserting charts, Inserting tables, Printing presentations


Unit 8: Security and Networking: Introduction, Simple Fine Sharing, Internet Information Services, Peer to Peer Networking