Economic Planning And Policies

Course Code: BBA503

Course Title: Economic Planning and Policies (4 Credits) 




Course Contents


Unit 1: Development, Growth and Theories – Introduction; Concept of Development and Growth ; Theories of Economic Development ; Structure and Characteristics of Developing Nations ; Major Issues of Development and Growth; Human Development in India


Unit 2: Determinants of Development – Introduction; Economic Development; Role of Different Sectors in Development;  Foreign Investment – Aid and Trade


Unit 3: National Income of India – Introduction;  National Income Estimates in India; CSO Revised National Income Series with 2004–05 as Base Year ; Trends in National Income Growth and Structure ; Limitations of National Income Estimation in India


Unit 4: Natural Resources- Economic development and Environmental degradation -Introduction;  Land Resources ; Forest Resources; Water Resources ; Mineral Resources and Mineral Policy; Economic Development and Environmental Degradation ; Global Climate Change and India


Unit 5: Infrastructure in the Indian Economy - Introduction; Role of Infrastructure in Economic Development; Communication System in India ; Science and Technology; Private Investment in Infrastructure;  Social Infrastructure—Education and Health;  Health and Family Welfare


Unit 6: Objectives and Strategies of Economic Planning in India – Introduction; Objectives of Economic Planning in India;  Democratic Socialism in India;  Mixed Economy and Economic Planning;  Development Strategy in India ; Models of Economic Development: Nehru vs Gandhi; Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization (LPG) Model of Development


Unit 7: Planning Experience in India – Introduction; First Ten Five Year Plans (1950-51 to 2007) ; Eleventh Five Year Plan; Introduction to Twelfth Five Year Plan


Unit 8: Public Sector and Privatization of Indian Planning – Introduction; Evolution and Role of Public Sector in India ;Expansion and Performance of Public Sector Enterprises’ Shortcomings of the Public Sector;  Privatization and Economic Reforms


Unit 9: Poverty, Unemployment, Inequality and the Planning Process –Introduction; Poverty Estimates in India; Estimates of Unemployment in India; Employment Guarantee Act 2005 ; Growth and Inequality; India as an Economic Superpower


Unit 10: Parallel Economy in India – Introduction; Concept of Parallel Economy; Impact of Black Income on the Economic and Social System ;Corruption and Development in India; Measures Undertaken to Unearth Black Money


Unit 11: Price, Price Policy and Economic Growth – Introduction; Price Movement in India since Independence;  Causes for Rise of Prices in India; Control of Inflation in India; Price Policy in a Fast Developing Economy


Unit 12: Indian Industries – Introduction; The Pattern of Industrialization; Large Scale Industries; Labour Problems and Policies; Unorganized Sector


Unit 13: Agriculture in the National Economy – Introduction; Significance of Agriculture in the National Economy; Food Self-Sufficiency and Food Security in India; Irrigation and Other Inputs; Land Reforms; Farm Size and Productivity;  Agricultural Credit and Labour


Unit 14: Tertiary Sector in the Indian Economy –Introduction; Overview of the Services Sector; Indian Financial System ;RBI and Review of Monetary Policy ; Indian Public Finance and Fiscal Policy ; Financial Relations between the Centre and the States ; Thirteenth Finance Commission