Entrepreneurship Management

Course Code: BBR501

Course Title: Entrepreneurship Management (4 Credits)




Course Contents


Unit 1: Introduction to Entrepreneurship: Meaning and concept of entrepreneurship, the history of entrepreneurship development, role of entrepreneurship in economic development, agencies in entrepreneurship management and future of entrepreneurship.


Unit 2: The Entrepreneur: Meaning of entrepreneur, the skills required to be an entrepreneur, the entrepreneurial decision process, and role models, mentors and support system.


Unit 3: Business Opportunity Identification: Business ideas, methods of generating ideas, and opportunity recognition


Unit 4: Preparing a Business Plan: Meaning and significance of a business plan, components of a business plan, and feasibility study


Unit 5: Financing the New Venture: Importance of new venture financing, types of ownership securities, venture capital, types of debt securities, determining ideal debt-equity mix, and financial institutions and banks


Unit 6: Launching the New Venture: Choosing the legal form of new venture, protection of intellectual property, and marketing the new venture


Unit 7: Managing Growth in New Venture: Characteristics of high growth new ventures, strategies for growth, and building the new venture capital


Unit 8: Harvesting Rewards: Exit strategies for entrepreneurs, bankruptcy, and succession and harvesting strategy