Human Resource Management

Course Code: BBA302

Course Title: Human Resource Management (4 Credits)




Course Contents


Unit 1: Introduction to Human Resource Management: Definition and Concept, Features , Objectives, Functions, Scope  and Development of Human Resource Management, Importance of Human Resource Management, Human Resource Practices,


Unit 2: HRM and Personnel Management: Introduction, Concept of Personnel Management, Personnel Management in India, Functions of the Labour Welfare Officer, Difference Between Personnel Management and HRM


Unit 3: Human Resource Planning: Concept of Human Resource Planning (HRP), Factors in HRP, Process of HRP


Unit 4: Job Analysis and Design: Job Analysis, Job Description, Writing a Job Description, Job Specification, Job Design


Unit 5: Recruitment: Introduction, Concept of Recruitment, Factors Affecting Recruitment, Types of Recruitment


Unit 6: Selection: Introduction, Concept of Selection, Process of Selection,Selection Tests, Barriers in Selection


Unit 7: Induction: Introduction, Meaning and Definition of Induction, Need for Induction , Problems Faced during Induction , Induction Programme Planning


Unit 8: Training: Concept and Significance of Training, Training Needs, Training Methods, Types of Training


Unit 9: Performance Appraisal: Introduction, Concept of Performance Appraisal, Purpose of performance appraisal, Process, Methods of Performance Appraisal, Major Issues in Performance Appraisal


Unit 10: Wages and Salary: Introduction, Nature and Significance of Wage and Salary Administration, Theories of Wages, Methods of Wage Fixation


Unit 11: Incentives: Introduction, Concept of Incentives, Effective Incentive System, Types of Incentive Scheme


Unit 12: Employee Relations: Introduction, Concept of Employee Relations, Managing Discipline, Managing Grievance , Employee Counseling


Unit 13: Employee Empowerment: Introduction, Concept of Employee Empowerment, Process of Empowerment, Empowerment in Indian Scenario, Empowerment in Global Scenario


Unit 14: International HRM: Introduction, Comparison of Domestic and International HRM, Challenges in International HRM