Management Information System Syllabus

Course Code: BBA205

Course Title: Management Information System (4 Credits)




Course Contents


Unit 1: Understanding MIS: Introduction to Management Information Systems, History of MIS, Impact of MIS, Role and Importance, MIS Categories, Managers and Activities in IS, Types of Computers Used by Organizations in Setting up MIS, Hardware support for MIS


Unit 2: Conceptual Foundations : Introduction, The Decision Making Process , System Approach to Problem Solving, The Structure of Management Information System


Unit 3: Kinds of Information Systems: Introduction, Types of Management Systems Concepts of Management Organization


Unit 4: Planning and Control: Introduction, Differences between planning and control information, Systems Analysis, Systems Design


Unit 5: MIS Planning and Development : Introduction, Planning, development


Unit 6: MIS and BPR  : Introduction, Business Process Re – Engineering, Improving a process in BPR, Object Oriented methodology,BPR – Current Focus


Unit 7: MIS Organization Structure : Introduction, MIS at Management levels, Strategic Level Planning, Operational Level Planning,Economic and Behavior Theories.


Unit 8: Enterprise Resource Planning: Introduction, Basics of ERP, Evolution of ERP, Enterprise Systems in Large Organizations, Benefits and Challenges of Enterprise Systems


Unit 9: E-Enterprise System : Introduction: Managing the E-enterprise, Organisation of Business in an E-enterprise, E-business, E-commerce, E-communication, E-collaboration,


Unit 10: Trends in MIS: Introduction, Decision Support Systems (DSS), Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Unit 11: MIS – Support Models and  Knowledge Management: Introduction, Philosophy of Modelling, DSS: Deterministic Systems, Market Research Methods, Ratio Analysis for Financial Assessment,       Management Science Models, Procedural Models, Project Planning and Control Models, Cost Accounting Systems, Operations Research Models: Mathematical Programming Techniques, Knowledge Management


Unit 12: Organization and Computer Networks: Introduction, Basics of computer systems, Basic Network Terminologies, Definitions and Application, The Intranet and the Extranet


Unit 13: Database Management Systems: Introduction, Types of Database Users, DBMS, Designing of DBMS


Unit 14: Strategic Management Information System:           Introduction, Background, Performance, Product differentiation and Value Chain, How IT influences Organizations’ goals, The five levels, Governance Modes in the use of IT


Unit 15: Security and Ethical Issues: Introduction, Control Issues in Management Information Systems, Security Hazards, Ethical Issues, Technical solutions for Privacy Protection