Marketing Management Syllabus

Course Code: BBA204

Course Title: Marketing Management (4 Credits)




Course Contents


Unit 1: Marketing – An Overview: Introduction, Definition of Market, Types of Markets, Meaning and Definition of Marketing,           Origin of Marketing, Scope of Marketing, Importance of Marketing, Functions of Marketing, Difference between Marketing and Selling


Unit 2: Marketing Concepts: Introduction, Exchange concept, Production concept, Product concept, Sales/selling concept, Modern marketing concept, Societal marketing concept, Impact of marketing concepts and its applicability


Unit 3: Marketing Environment: Introduction, Need and Importance of Environmental Analysis, Methods of Analysis – SWOT, PEST, Internal Environment of the Organization, External Environment


Unit 4: Marketing Mix: Introduction, Evolution of the “Marketing mix”, Components of a traditional marketing mix , Additional components in the mix, Importance of marketing mix in marketing decisions


Unit 5: Marketing Planning and Strategies: Introduction,   Management Processes in Marketing,      Types of Marketing Plan, Competitive Marketing Strategies, Interactions between Marketing Mix and Marketing Environment , Control Mechanisms in Marketing


Unit 6: Product Related Decisions: Introduction, Features of a Product and its Classifications, Product Plan and New Product Development, Product Mix and its Elements, Decisions related to Product Mix, Product Life Cycle


Unit 7: Introduction to Branding: Introduction, Definition of a Brand, Development of a Brand, Types of Brands,         Importance of Brands and Branding, Merits and Demerits of Branding, Brand Equity – Definition and Benefits


Unit 8: Pricing Decisions:      Introduction, Price and its Determinants, Objectives of Pricing Decisions, Factors Affecting Pricing Decisions, Pricing Policies and Strategies, Pricing Methods


Unit 9: Distribution Strategy: Introduction, Meaning, Need for and Importance of Distribution Channel, Factors Influencing Channel Decisions, Types of Channels, Direct Channel, Indirect Channel, Functions of Channel Members


Unit 10: Promotion Mix: Introduction, Promotion mix and its components, Advertising, Sales Promotion,      Personal selling, Direct marketing, Public Relations and publicity, Online marketing, Developing an integrated promotion mix


Unit 11: Promotion Mix Decisions: Introduction: Advertising decisions, Sales promotion decisions, Personal selling decisions, Public Relations and Publicity decisions


Unit 12: Market Segmentation: Introduction, Definition of market segmentation, Need for market segmentation, Criteria for effective segmentation, Bases for market segmentation, Benefits of market segmentation


Unit 13: Consumer Behaviour: Introduction, Important definitions, Evolution of the study of  consumer behavior, Determinants of consumer behavior, Types of buying decisions, Stages of the buying process, Importance of consumer behaviour study


Unit 14: Services Marketing: Introduction, Definition of services, Characteristics of services , Distinction between goods and services, Marketing mix for services, Types of services, Strategies for Services Marketing


Unit 15: Recent Trends in Marketing : Introduction, E-commerce, E-marketing, E-Retailing, Relationship marketing, Mobile marketing,   Green marketing