Merchandising And Supply Chain Management Syllabus

Course Code: BBR603

Course Title: Merchandising and Supply Chain Management (4 Credits)


Course Contents


Unit 1: An overview of retail industry : Meaning of retailing, Scope of retailing, Two important pillars of Retail: Supply Chain and Merchandising


Unit 2: Introduction to retail supply chain : Retail supply chain management , Retail supply chain vs. manufacturing supply chain, Retail supply chain and logistics, Strategic, tactical and operational view of retail supply chain


Unit 3: Supply chain synergies: Supply chain strategies, Competence on non-core business functions


Unit 4: Retail Product Management: Concept of Retail Product Management, Scope of Retail Product Management, Role of Product Management in Retailing, Management of Retail Product Lifecycle


Unit 5: Managing Retailer-Supplier Relationship: Retailer-Supplier Relationship, Monitoring Supplier Performance , Stages of Retailer-Supplier Relationship Development ,Factors Affecting Retailer-Supplier Relationship,


Unit 6: Category Specific Supply Chain Issues: Supply Chain in Food and Grocery Retailing, Supply Chain in Apparel and Footwear Retailing, Supply Chain in Consumer Electronics Retailing, Supply Chain in Home Furnishing Retailing, Supply Chain in Non-Store Retailing


Unit 7: Concept of Retail Merchandising: Meaning of Merchandising, Major Areas of Merchandise Management, Role and Responsibilities of Merchandisers


Unit 8: Merchandise Mix: Merchandise Mix, Concept of Assortment Management, Merchandise Mix of Show off


Unit 9: Merchandise Displays and Space Management: Concept of Merchandise Displays, Importance of Merchandise Displays, Concept of Space Management, Role of IT in Space Management, Concept of Planogram


Unit 10: Visual Merchandising: Meaning of Visual Merchandising, Objectives of Visual Merchandising, Growth of Visual Merchandising, Visual Merchandising in India, Product Positioning and Visual Merchandising,


Unit 11: Merchandise Planning: Concept of Merchandise Planning, Applications of Merchandise Planning, Elements of Merchandise Planning, Role of Merchandiser in Planning,


Unit 12: Category Management and Merchandise Budgeting: Concept of Category Management, Merchandise Forecasting, Merchandise Budgeting


Unit 13: Merchandise Sourcing: Concept of Merchandise Sourcing, Historical Perspective of Sourcing, Stock Management and Distribution, International Sourcing


Unit 14: Merchandise Replenishment: Retail Replenishment, Importance of Replenishment, Direct Store Delivery (DSD), Managing Retail Home Delivery, Measures for Retail Distribution and Replenishment, Role of IT in Retail Distribution and Replenishment


Unit 15: IT for Retailing and Supply Chain Management: Information Systems, Barcoding, Retail ERP, Retail Analytics, RFID, Role of IT in CRM