Modern Retail Management Process & Retail Services Syllabus

Course Code: BBR601

Course Title: Modern Retail Management Process & Retail Services (4 Credits)



Course Contents


Unit 1: Property Management: Concept of Real Property, Types of Real Property- Residential property- Commercial real estate - Industrial property- Special-purpose property , Concept of Property Management , Duties of Property Manager, Property Management as a Profession, Growth of  Professionalism in Property Management


Unit 2: Characteristics of Property and Property User: Understanding Characteristics of Property- Good record keeping- Physical appraisal of property- Proprietary features- Financial appraisal- Evaluation, Define Property User, Society and Stakeholder Relationships, Management Relationships with Stakeholders, Management Relationships with User Community


Unit 3: Sources and Essentials when buying a Property: Different Sources for buying a property (banks, building societies, client’s employer, private mortgage, finance houses), Necessities when buying a Property (need, checking hidden costs, insurance, taxes )


Unit 4: Property Management: Economics and Planning: Economics of Property management- Business Economy- Real Estate Economy, Concept of Property Management Planning- Market analysis- Property analysis- Analysis of owner’s objectives, Preparation of Property Management Plan, Property as a Part of Competitive Strategy


Unit 5: Strategic Property Management: Concept of Strategic Property Management - Importance of strategic property management-  Property as investment asset, Definition of Corporate Property (exhibit- SEZ), Formulating Strategy for Property Management - Catchment survey -Positioning the property- Joint Development of property, Activity for strategic utilization of property, Legal aspects of property development (legal laws) (registration, mutation)


Unit 6: Performance Evaluation of Property : Role of Property in Business, Performance Evaluation of Property as an Investment Asset,  Performance Evaluation of Property as an Operational Asset, Property Life Cycle (for residential and commercial) , Concept of Benchmarking


Unit 7: Retail Property : Concept of Retail Property, Importance of Retail Property Management, Increasing Demand of Retail Property, FSI (floor space index), Retail Hierarchy


Unit 8: Managing Retail Property : Need of Managing Retail Property- Ways to Manage Retail Property- Market area classifications- Pattern classifications- Owner classification- Merchandising classification


Unit 9: Leasing Retail Property: Define Leasing, Leasing of Retail Property- Qualifying retail prospects- Tenant mix- Location- Prospect’s needs, Percentage Leases, Negotiating Lease, Setting the Rental Rates, Non-Complete Clause, Regulating Tenant Operation


Unit 10: Financial Aspects of Retail Property: Administrative Responsibilities of Retail Property Manager, Financial Reports- Major rental income items- Actual income- Expense items,

Operating Budget, Capital Expenditure- Preservation- Income-producing capital expenditures, Monthly Cash Flow Forecast, Insurance for Shopping Centers


Unit 11: Valuation of Retail Property: Define Valuation, Cost components of property, Determinants of Property Value, Factors Affecting Retail Property Value, Estimation of Rental Value of Retail Property, Methods of Property Valuation, Activity to forecast retail property management comparing three catchment areas


Unit 12: Marketing Retail Property: Importance of Effective Marketing of Retail Property, Different Methods of Marketing Retail Property- Signage- Display advertising- Brochures- Direct mail- Personal contact- Publicity and public relations- Newspapers- Online promotion


Unit 13: Maintenance of Retail Property: Property Maintenance, Types of Maintenance - Preventive maintenance - Emergency maintenance- Corrective maintenance- Cosmetic maintenance, Measures to Maintain a Property , Need and Maintenance of Retail Property, Security of Retail Property


Unit 14: Future of Retail Property: Future of Retailers- Increasing competition- Methods to handle competition- Analysing the requirement of retail property, Retail Customers in Future- Increasing retail market size- Changing expectations and buying behaviour of customers- Influence of social trends- How retail property industry meets the demand of customers?, Usage of Internet in Future, Impact of Internet Usage on Retail Property Industry, Importance of Future Planning in Retail Property Industry, Impact of Transportation on Retail Property Industry, Future Designs of Retail Stores


Unit 15: Global Overview of Retail Real Estate Investment : Globalization of retail real estate investment, Retail real estate investment in Indian cities  (Trends in Retail Property Development in India), Global Retail real estate investment, Top markets for retail real estate investment, Major retail real estate players